Ode to Sookie

It was a normal day like all days. I got to the office at 11am (yup, now 11am is the norm for me… woot! woot!). I opened my mail, ate lunch at my desk, attended three meetings, replied to a bunch of e-mail, had a good chat with officemates and then, called it a night. when i got home, my hubby greeted me with a knowing grin on his face. The kind of grin that says, he has some really juicy news and he’s about to burst.

Being tired and hungry, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to play guessing games anymore so he spared me the agony. He told me to go to the bedroom which I did, and there it was… this shiny sleek little pagoda resting on the bed. I rubbed my eyes because i wasn’t sure if I was seeing right. When my vision finally steadied its focus, my jaw dropped. There it was, a brand new Canon powershot A470!

After being extremely exhausted the past few days… the kind of exhaustion paired with symptoms, like forgetting you already shampooed, so you end up shampooing again, sort of a thing. And still recovering from wearing my Nurse’s hat at night, and going straight on duty for work…I admit, the fatigue is definitely kicking in.

But there it was, that shiny beacon of hope dressed in a sleek platinum coat with some cool pink piping, it just wiped all my stress away… and in its place painted a permanent smile that I just couldn’t shake off for the life of me… the kind of permanent smile that came with a downpour of tears. Yeah…yeah..I’m a sappy one.

Admittedly, I’ve never been used to getting “big” presents. It’s not like my family was scrimping, it just simply wasn’t the norm in the house. At Christmas, I would get gifts like a handkerchief, a little bottle of cologne, a notepad…that was it, and to think that would already be on a generous season. I remember giving mom a drawing on a piece of paper for her birthday, and she just choked up in tears like I just unveiled an obra maestra before her eyes.Yup, we’re easy-to-please folks. So receiving this new gizmo, is definitely front page headline material in my book.

He says it’s an advanced birthday gift and it’s his little way of thanking me for taking care of him in the hospital. Aaaawwww…. The kind of stuff romance movies are made of. To think the camera came in a very good time. I’ve been invited to my first bloggers event tomorrow. Hey watch out for that review.

I shall call you Sookie. Sorry, I have this strange habit of naming things that I have an emotional attachment with. So Sookie, girl you are divine! We are definitely going to be BFFs.


8 responses to “Ode to Sookie

  1. hu-waw!

    advanced happy birthday Ms. A!

  2. My thoughts...exactly

    salamat! sobrang aga nga ng present eh. november pa birthday ko. hehehe.

  3. The Ice Queen

    Wow, sweet naman! Para tuloy gusto ko manghingi ng gift from my mum. Binantayan ko siya sa hospital for three days. Last month pa yon pero baka pwede ihabol. Hahaha.

  4. My thoughts...exactly

    hahaha! sige go. malay mo 🙂 hehe

  5. Dementia On The Road

    san ba nakakakuha ng lalaking kasing sweet ng isang John Mark Diego?

  6. My thoughts...exactly

    hehe! pinik up ko lang siya sa isang bar eh…hehe. yup that’s our love story. 🙂

  7. hey hey! this is a nice cam!
    and it has a name too..hehe. hey sookie!!!
    enjoy shooting!!! flickr na toh!!!

  8. My thoughts...exactly

    hahaha! naku baka mapahiya ako pag nagflickr ako. at halatang sobrang amateur pa ko in the world of photography. hayaan mo magpapapractice pa ko!:)

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