Closer to my Dreams

Notice the new addition to my blogosphere? hint hint: look to your right and put on your earphones. Just another addition to make stopping by… more entertaining. I discovered it while tinkering with , an online MP3 site. I initially posted a virtual ipod, only to find out that once its posted, it’s as big as the actual thing so it hovered the whole upper right column of my blog space. And instead of posting India Arie tracks, i accidentally posted an audioclip of somebody from youtube singing India Arie songs! The sad part is, she didn’t exactly do a very good job at it! hahaha! Well I sure hope nobody got to hear that for the whole day that it was posted. It’s embarassing!…hehehe.

Anyways, inspired by the first track that you are probably listening to right now as you read this…is a very laid back, easy-listen song by Goapele called “Closer to my Dreams”. How so? Well recently, I got an unexpected phone call on one rainy evening. It went something like this…


“Hello….Good evening po maam”

“Good evening! Sino to?”

“Maam, ako po si A. B.” (Not his real name, of course)


“Opo mam…tatanung ko lang po kung kayo po ba si Ms. A., yung misis po ni Mr. D.?”

“Umm…” (I paused awkardly for quite a long time) … bakit niyo po gusto malaman?” – at this point I was getting a little shaken up. obviously this strange fella on the other line has some of my information.

“Kayo nga po ba si Ms. A?”

“Ahh…ummm….oo ako nga. Baket?!” (I tried to inject some fake courage into my tone)

“Ahh! Mabuti naman kung ganun…” (He said dryly and paused for what seemed like forever)

“Gusto ko lang po na malaman niyo Ms. A……” (another pause that literally made me hold my breath…)

….“Na tinatatayo na po namin yung bahay niyo, pwede niyo na po bisitahin. Ako po kasi yung contractor niyo, contractor ng Lara…” (Lara being the name of the project)

When he said those words…I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. It took a while before I managed to articulate a few words, as the guy on the other line was hanging on to my every word….or breath for that matter. I thanked the guy immensely, got the details and hung up. I just stared at my phone for a while and then the most unexpected thing happened, I just choked up and started sobbing….

See, we’ve been paying for the house for over a year now…Just shortly after we exchanged “I Do”s. We got a lot of encouragement from my mother-in-law who helped us with the paperwork. After mustering enough courage to take that leap of faith… and finally accepting the fact that it was definitely going to be a very difficult ride, especially with the huge dent it was going to leave in our pockets… we went ahead and signed the papers. From then on, we pledged almost 80% of our monthly earnings to fund the project.

To make the long story short, we made our first site visit last weekend…and yes, true to the contractor’s word, the bricks and foundation are up. We’r
e crossing our fingers that by end of the year, we can already move into the house… our house. Just saying those words sound like cherries to my ears.

While at the site, we couldn’t help but take photos of the model units (how our future home will look like). There, so now you know why this blog is inspired by the song, as we are literally just counting the days. All I can think about now is…we must have done something good to deserve all this. And as cliche as it sounds…all I can say is, God is good. Do I hear an amen? πŸ™‚


6 responses to “Closer to my Dreams

  1. Hey there! Like you I tinkered my blog and added that new feature. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. So thanks to you for putting it together first. Hope you enjoy my selections. Quite a mix. Cheers!

  2. wow danda…ako din mag popost din soon πŸ™‚ kasing danda natin..

  3. The Ice Queen

    Wow, I’m so happy for you. Congrats! Konting waiting na lang yan. πŸ™‚

  4. My thoughts...exactly

    thanks guys! appreciate it πŸ™‚

  5. congrats ato!
    well deserved!
    if 80% of my salary goes to something i will definitely also burst in tears when i get it!
    tears of joy that is..
    god bless you and your husband.
    baby na lang ang kulang!

  6. My thoughts...exactly

    thanks jenro! πŸ™‚ oo nga baby nalang kulang. under construction pa eh. hehehe.

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