shout-outs and stations

While grooving to Amy Winehouse on a Thursday evening, I decided to check back on a previous blog game that i cooked up called “5 factoids you may not know about me blog tag game”. Following the trail, I can’t believe how far it has gone! Course, some of the rules have been lost in translation… but who cares! I was cracking up reading about a secret third nipple, someone falling into a creek and getting rescued by a drug addict, and someone who used to play hide & seek with a Jesus Christ statue.

So I’d like to give my shout-outs to the three bloggers that I initially tagged, who humored me and just played along! Thanks for keeping the ball rolling! Thanks also to the others whom I tagged along the way. Yeah yeah.. I know I broke the rules! Hey i made the rules anyway! So again, thanks to you and to those you tagged, who then tagged others and the list goes on and on…. I appreciate all your very cool factoids! Do watch out for the next blogtag game 🙂

Okay, on to business….

Checking out Icequeen’s blog, I was inspired to do some light blogging for the evening (light blogging…meron pala nun?). She made a request in her comment page to see my desk. And since coincidentally, I happen to be toying with the idea of doing an office desk blog, I guess you can say, this entry comes in very good timing. So here you go…

This is the serious section of my desk. Now don’t go saying “aaay! ang liit naman ng mesa niya!”, uuummm….coz what you see here is just a section. Just so we’re absolutely clear on that. hehe. Anywayz, let me give you the tour…to your left, you can see a stack of pencils & markers on a clear glass. The clear glass is an upgrade coming from the past paper mache’ pen holder that wasn’t much help at all, especially when I needed to find the little things, like erasers and stuff. Beside that… yes Angelina, that is a Martini glass, which I adopted from the previous resident of my desk. It actually makes for a very nifty holder for my striped paperclips. Okay, speaking of paperclips let me just get sidetracked for a while, and tell you about my fixation for paperclips. It’s probably this little weird screw in my brain that makes me just love love love paperclips! especially the large ones. So this Christmas, if any of you can get me large paperclips in different colors, I would be so darn grateful it would scare you.

Okay sorry back to the tour…

At the back are some files that aren’t actually mine but they’ve been sitting there since I got in, a bunch of books that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, a tape holder which is doing a great job keeping the books from falling, a post-it holder and a desk calendar. So there…nothing fancy.

So on to the more interesting section of my work desk. Just twist your head to the right, and you’ll see what I mean…


These are my toys. Okay so what’s a 28-year old woman doing with toys? Well I guess it’s pretty much the same reason why grown up men collect action figures, which by the way I used to call “man dolls” until a collector friend got severely offended by the term. The reason is…well, two words…cheap thrill. Let me introduce you guys to the crew. To your right, you can see my robotic kawaii piggy bank, who got shaken up quite badly this morning because I left my money at home. So as soon as I got in, I took my trusty tweezer, and tweezed the paper bills out coz they got stuck and wouldn’t come out the normal way.

…And yes, that is a fully functional gum ball machine. Only now, it’s still full of candy colored chocolates that I plan to empty and replace with real gum balls… for fear of melamine. That other toy you see, is a little purple dinosaur. Okay, this where the disclaimer comes in. For the record, I AM NOT A FAN OF BARNEY. I just found this from my Mom’s home, and I think it belongs to my niece Olivia…Sweetie, if you’re crying your eyes out looking for your purple dinosaur, it’s with Tita okay?

So there. I actually had a fun time doing show and tell. I guess I can manage to squeeze in another snapshot… I’ll show you where I spend most of my time when I’m not in the office…Yup you got it right, in front of the computer. So here’s a photo of our home set-up…

Yup… that is a mic, boom speakers and a mixer flanking our PC. Being married to a multi-media guy, our little shoebox of an apartment is actually a mini-studio…not that I’m complaining. I love coming home to a very creative environment. See, we’re not your typical married couple, wherein the husband comes home in his suit and tie, while the subservient wife is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. For one thing, I don’t cook he does… and thank God for that! We play our music loud. Sometimes I help him out by doing the VO in his AVPs. I try to poke some suggestions on his artwork and film projects. When he’s not busy with projects, we just surf youtube and check out what’s new. Sometimes, he just gives me the throne (not the toilet, the other throne) and I just end up clicking away until my vision blurs.

So there, hope you liked that little sneak peek into my world. Hey, here’s an idea… why don’t you show me (and the rest of the world) how your stations look like. We’ll be waiting!


11 responses to “shout-outs and stations

  1. I can give you weird paperclips from here…big, chunky, funky paperclips you’ll get for Christmas! I just need to figure out how to pass it to you though. Mukhang layo na ng connections natin cos we’ve move on from the two companies that we’ve worked with…=)

  2. Rly? u like paperclips? I can get you weird ones they have here..big, chunky and funky paperclips for you on Christmas! Just have to figure out how to pass it to you cos it seemed we have both moved a lot from the two companies we used to work with! =)

  3. My thoughts...exactly

    drool drool…. 😦 keep it nalang until such time that you come back to manila. hehe. thanks! 🙂 I’m excited already 🙂

  4. WOAH! the PC set-up!

  5. My thoughts...exactly

    hehe. di pa kumpleto yan… 🙂 pag may recording sa bahay, the mic popper, headphones and other gizmos come out 🙂

  6. The Ice Queen

    I love the martini glass idea! Pagaya ha when I find the time to dress up my desk. 🙂

  7. My thoughts...exactly

    Sure! By all means 🙂

  8. cool desk!
    i also have toys..hehehe
    i already put them behind
    they’re sometimes distracting
    but i still keep them! for luck i guess
    after reading this blog i look
    for something ridiculous in my desk and drawers..hehehe..and there’s many..
    thanks for sharing this ato!

  9. My thoughts...exactly

    thanks for the comment jenro! 🙂 patingin ng toys mo! 🙂

  10. Cute nung Barney toy mo. Di ako pwede maglagay sa desk ko ng ganun. Barney kasi name ng boss ko eh. Hehe.

  11. My thoughts...exactly

    Hahaha! Oo nga! Baka ma-offend siya. hehe.

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