Make-up rave

Spending my Tuesday evening just watching make-up tutorials, I suddenly remembered a good friend/former-colleague. Thanks to the magic of social networking sites, I got to see what she was up to in just a few mouse clicks. And all I can say is, well I couldn’t be happier…

A few months before we parted ways from a previous employer, a huge blessing landed right smack on her lap. She got a scholarship to one of the best Make-up schools in the Philippines. I witnessed how she went around asking friends to “donate” spare cosmetics, just so she had something to work with during class. Finished or not finished at work, once that clock strikes 5pm, she would throw on her black polo shirt with that little Philippine flag emblem on the shoulder, and stormed out of the office like there was a fire drill. That went on for about two to three months of juggling work and make-up class, that stretched till 11 in the evening.

Well since then, she has come a long way. For one thing, she’s not using leftover make-up anymore. Oh no sireee! She is using the best “to-drool-for” cosmetic brands now that I’m actually quite tempted to ask her to return the favor, and give me a “donation” too!

And since we all have that girly-girl side to all of us… Admit it, it’s right there in the deepest crevice of your skull, here are some samples of her “eye-candy” work…

Playing with bold oranges for a look that’s over the top
Do the smokey eyeBridal blissAvante Garde look playing with metallics (Check out the lashes!)
Perfecting the no-make up lookAnother bridal look (This is our pretty officemate, Carla) Yummy citrusy colors make for a unique night-time look Dramatic eyeshadowExtreme Avante Garde (She managed to match the make-up
with the model’s outfit! The model’s our former officemate too)

So here’s the plugging part… Girl, you ought to give me a commission for this one! hehe! Kidding! I’m not at all paid to do this. If you’re interested to book my good friend, just send her an email at or text her at (0915)5888045.

Congrats girl! Hope this blog helps spread the word.
I know you’ll definitely go places.


4 responses to “Make-up rave

  1. This is a real blast Ate Aims ;)Thank u for believing in me. Won’t forget that line you said, “Nadj, tuloy mo pa rin kahit hindi ka payagan.” That really helped me inhale my confidence back again. I even remembered going to our boss’ room after, to tell him about changing my sched to 8am to 5pm na agad. Never asked his permission. Hehe ang lakas ng loob! ;D Thank u for his goodness that day, I was able to finish it. And thank you to our team who supported me all along. Luv yah :)You’re a blessing!

  2. My thoughts...exactly

    Oo naman noh! I’m such a konsentidor na boss! hahaha! You only live once Nadj. When I saw that scholarship offer, I knew you were destined to have it πŸ™‚

  3. to nadj: hahahaha kaya love na love ko si MS. a… teka teka ganun ako wala sa post hahaha gusto ko isang blog entry ni ms. a yung horror na photos ko lang SOLO hmmm demanding… mag papaphoto shoot ako yung pag preggy na ako pagandahin mo ko Nadj ha..,tc

  4. My thoughts...exactly

    hahaha! sipsip! hehe. thanks ayahkels! sige one time, pag may magandang anggulo, will blog about you by all means πŸ™‚

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