Meet Ms. Loot Wagon

Okay I’ve been thinking about it for quite awhile now…and finally after procrastinating for weeks, I’ve created a 2nd blog. What?! Second blog? Paano na si “My Thoughts…Exactly?” Don’t worry guys. I have no plans of abandoning this site. I just wanted to set up a new one to focus on good buys (in my opinion). So what’s with the name LOOTWAGON you ask?Let me break it down for you.

First word, LOOT… cause all you’ll be seeing in the new site is loot, loot and more loot. In other words, a lot of good bargains, great buys, hauls and value-for-money products and brands available on this side of the planet, specifically in Manila Manila (or wherever my “happy feet” will take me).

WAGON is short for Bandwagon, or to be scientific about it…the Bandwagon effect (also known as the “cromo effect”), whereas people tend to follow the crowd’s general opinion on things, issues and whatever. So in this case, here’s hoping this blog influences you to give good brands and products available in the PI, some much-deserved attention. Course opinions stated here, are just my opinions, period. 🙂

Why don’t I just post my “loot” stories here you may ask? Well for one thing, I don’t want to bore my male readers with talk about the better mascara, or where the new shoe sale is at…so I set up a new blog solely focused on these things to give shopaholics like moi, a retail therapy treat.

Plus, Let’s just put it this way…after reading tons of product reviews and watching tons of hauls on youtube about brands that are hardly, if not at all unavailable in the city, I think it’s about time that I go on a serious brand bargain hunt for the best deals of both local and international brands available…within reasonable distance.

Sorry peeps, but in the new blogsite, you won’t be seeing divisoria finds, as I am oclophobic (deathly afraid of large crowds) and claustrophobic, and would rather shop and hunt for good finds in places that aren’t swarmed by people, or aren’t located in stifling tight alleys.

Expect to see a mix of dirt-cheap stuff, value-for-money finds, absolute must-haves and stuff that are just…well nice to brag about. Stay tuned for contests, tags, feature contributors (this city is too big for just one girl to cover) and just a bunch of blab about things that will make life a little bit more joyous, without having to break the bank.

Check it out, here’s the link. See you there! Mwah!


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