What’s in my kikay kit


The ultimate girly girl’s must-have is the kikay kit.  “Maiwan na lahat, wag lang ang kikay kit!” as I would put it.  So bellas, here’s a peek inside my cosmetic case. Since what you see here is just a smorgasbord of different things, let me go through each piece while giving you my take on these items, as well as the corresponding prices (memory please don’t fail me!). Okay, warning….in case you’re looking for the dirt-cheap corner, I’m afraid only one item here fits the bill. The rest are a bit on the price-y side.

The Kikay Kit

christmas-party-043With another year fast approaching, I decided to give my old Lancome Cheetah cosmetic purse (gift from my sister) the old retirement plan and went on a cosmetic-bag hunt. I found this little cutie in SM department store. I like that it’s super colorful and is spacious enough to fit all my kikay finds. The best part about this kit is, from the original price of  PHP 229, I only got it for PHP 125.

My Luxury

my MAC studio fix C40lootwagon-1-009I got this over the weekend at the MAC store in Glorietta. It’s the MAC Studio Fix pressed powder in NC40. I so friggin love it! It blends like silk on the skin and it does super wonders in covering my acne marks and flaws.  After drooling over tons of haul videos about this baby, I decided to finally get myself one to see if it’s really worth all the raves its been getting. The damage is quite painful in the pocket though at PHP 1,500, but its definitely one of those products that will make you feel like a rockstar.

My Holy Grail

loreal-003This is the Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation in Golden Beige. I have been using this product for the past four years and I’ve never been disappointed with it. When I finish a bottle, I can easily get another one at the local Watsons store. This foundation blends well into my skin and feels like nothing after. No retouches necessary. I simply just use my fingertips to apply it (believe me kahit nasa loob ng tumatakbong tricycle pwede!) and in a matter of seconds, it’s done and you can just totally forget about it. Damage for this product is PHP 900 plus, but I noticed that around the holidays, this product drops to as low as P699.  it’s well worth it because a bottle lasts you about 3-4 months. I wear this first, followed by my MAC Studio Fix. But that’s just me. You can just wear this on its own, and your basically good to go.

My Lippies

Got this Full Lip Palette at The Face Shop for PHP400+ at their store in Bonifacio High Street. Again, I’m a sucker for packaging so the cute paisely design on the cover just called out to me (haha, yeah right).


Take a look at the brush. First thing that came to my head was, I’ve never seen a thicker lip brush in my life! Seriously it’s so thick. But it makes application quicker, so who am i to complain. Love these colors for everyday use. Looking at the colors, I guess you’ve noticed that I’m not a big fan of  full red lips. I guess I just leave that for special occasions. Anyway, here’s the lowdown (colors starting from upper left going clockwise)— Matte deep rose (which I love and use very often), Glossy Shiny pink, Glossy Soft Peach (for that neutral glossy finish) and Matte Violet Rose (which I hardly use).


The rest of the stuff in my kikay kit, well, you’ve already seen in my past Elianto and Face shop blogs. That plastic case that you see in the middle is another world of its own. That nifty thing carries my make-up brushes, lipstick, mascara, liners, etc. I’ll post details in another blog 🙂


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