FOTD: Mac Viva Glam V

Okay so I hit MAC again last week, but this time I went to the MAC store in Glorietta. I swear that store is burning a deep hole in my pocket! Oucccccch! I got me a MAC Viva Glam V lipstick. I first checked the store in Shang but apparently, they ran out… so I had to go all the way to Makati to grab one. Yes, I’m a pretty determined girl.  Hehe. So anyway, to help justify the damage (LOL), I just want to show you how MAC-aholic some girls can be and I actually pale in comparison to most of these chicks.

One of ’em is Aubrey, a 20 year old Pinay who has an insatiable make-up addiction. In this vlog that you’ll see here, the Mac Viva Glam V was included in her top 6 lip products. Don’t be fooled, although this girl is quite young, she has a huge following of about 2.9M views in Youtube alone and a lot more in her blog. No formal make-up schooling… She just loves make-up!

So there, I think I feel much better now. Hahaha. Anyhoo, about my personal take on the product, for starters I love the packaging with its chrome black finish, and I like how rich the product is that even if you lightly glide it on your lip, you already get a lot of color in there. Here’s a close-up.

spa-christmas-party-017I like the shade too because it’ s something you can wear everyday and if you want to look extra sassy for the night, you can just add-on an ultra shiny lipgloss paired with dramatic eye make-up and you’re good to go!

spa-christmas-party-018So what’s the damage? Friggin PHP 900. Yeah…painful! But no regrets here though. EYELOVET!!! Here’s some quick maarteng snapshots of yours truly, wearing my “now” fave lippie.




2 responses to “FOTD: Mac Viva Glam V

  1. I watch that girl in youtube a lot too!! =p Learned a few make-up tricks from her…

  2. Yup! Aside from getting tips, she’s actually just very entertaining to watch 🙂

    Thanks for leaving a comment arwen!

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