Moving out permanently

Hi Ladies,

Hope you’re all doin’ great!

I just wanted to let you know that although I’ve been juggling blog updates in two sites, I’ve decided to officially move Lootwagon to Blogger. Don’t get me wrong though….Wordpress has been super good to me. Plus I do love the stats function. But I guess when a friend told me that there really is no point in keeping two blogs if its just the same content (good point!) that kind of shook me up a bit. Plus being the make-up junkie and shopaholic that I am, I have to admit it does get a tad bit lonely here in WP especially since most of my sistahs are in Blogger. It’s also kinda hard to cross-comment without having to fill in the standard name, URL, message box fields…. I’m sure ya’ll know what I mean. 🙂

So, this ain’t goodbye at all. Just think of it this way…it’s as if Lootwagon is just moving to another town or something….still very much accessible online so no worries.

Hope you’ll still drop in to check on some shopping tips and make-up finds regularly. It’s been truly awesome hanging out here at WP. Remember the new link girlfriends!

Kiss! Kiss!


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