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Haul Away!

Okay let’s talk about Haul blogs and videos. Just incase the term “Haul” sounds alien to you, let me give you the 411. Haul pertains to a blog or video that you post, so you can show off your new stuff. Haul videos are actually very popular in Youtube. Type HAUL on the search engine and I bet you, your screen will be filled up with videos of the female species (mostly in their early 20s) showing off their new MAC cosmetics, Coach bags, gadgets and all sorts of beauty products.

At first, I found it kind of juvenile, but after a while it just grew on me. These things are actually pretty helpful. When I want to purchase something, I search blogs and vlogs to check reviews. With just a few clicks, I get the lowdown on the product and sometimes even get tips on cheaper alternatives. Sometimes you even get to discover products you didn’t even know existed.

To illustrate, when MAC Manish Arora was launched, all they had to do was post a teaser ad online and allowed bloggers & vloggers to circulate the news. The moment it was announced that orders were already being taken, in a span of eight hours stocks were completely out. In less than eight hours, YouTube was already filled with all sorts of Haul videos showing the lucky ones who got their hands on these babies before it all ran out. I had no idea such a line came out but after watching tons of haul videos and reading tons

of blogs about it, I’m actually hoping I was one of the few people who made an order before the new line turned extinct.

So there, if there’s one piece of marketing advise I can give to Brand Managers all over, especially for beauty products, consider shifting your media spend from TV to Youtube. Seriously, just put 20 girls there, raving about the most “awesome” “to-die-for” eyecream in the planet, and I bet you, you can just watch those numbers fly and you’ll be so darn happy, you’d be hopskipping to the bank to encash your checks.

Okay, before I drfit away and start another topic without finishing what I came here for… (Focus woman! Focus!) incase you remember an entry that I made a while back entitled trading my heels for chucks, at that time I actually meant that phrase as a metaphor. But whether consciously or unconsciously, recently I’ve been throwing out my high heels to make more room for my new babies. So with Haul, haul and more haul in our heads, Ladies and Gents, I bring you my first ever, sneaker haul…

Here’s a bronze pair that I picked up at WADE in The Block recently for P899. I actually wanted to get a different pair but I didn’t have it in my size so I went for this instead. I like that it’s metallic for that added bling. It’s a bit heavy than the regular type of sneaker, and the sole is actually not that soft. I wonder if it’s one of those shoes that you’d have to wear for a long time before it gets all buttery on your feet.

My friend who is based in China just sent me two pairs of sneakers that I absolutely love! No it’s not a gift, cause I still have to pay for it (although I haven’t really figured how to transmit payment yet). Anyway, her friend came to Manila and she asked him to drop by my workplace to deliver these goodies. Needless to say, I just totally flipped when I got my hands on these!
Washed out denim
Light orange and cream

These two pairs make me feel like I’m walking on clouds, really really soft on the sole. And not bad for P600 a pop. So there…thanks to getting these three pairs in the span of two weeks, I have now officially joined the haul blogging community. I’m actually eyeing a pair of (almost) knee-high boxer type Adidas. Hmmmm…I don’t remember writing a more nonsensical blog, but heck that sure was fun!

So here’s the interactive part of the blog. I will be tagging people to do the same, and hopefully they can come up with a blog or vlog to just show off their recent hauls. No rules… you can do a bag haul, office supplies haul, gadget haul, book haul…whatever catches your fancy! Keep your eyes peeled on the comment box people. Looking forward to seeing your loot. 🙂