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Coastal Scents 78 Piece Palette plus other loot

I was browsing through dollface to check on possible purchases, when I saw an announcement that Coastal Scents make-up palettes are being offered in Peppered Cherry, which is just about a block away from where I work. I literally dropped everything and dashed out of the office building. Needless to say, I came back a happy camper. 🙂

This is the new addition to my collection. I’m probably one of the last to own a CS palette, (I’m a late adapter I know!). T’was simply love at first sight. Reminds me of my childhood
watercolor kit.Loves it!!! Am excited to see what I can do with this palette. Got it for PHP 1,000 ($ 21.46) which is actually more expensive than purchasing online. But I don’t mind paying extra really, as it saves me from the long wait (which is always a killer!)… plus at least I wouldn’t have to deal with getting all worked up over a slightly cracked eyeshadow as it happens a lot during shipping.

So anyway, I’ve also picked up a few things over the past week or so. Just want to share ’em with ya’ll. I hit Market! Market! and one of the shoe stores in the Fashion Market section offered a “Buy 1 Take 1” deal on shoes. Although I’ve had my share of hits and misses with bazaar shoe purchases, I’ve decided to splurge on this one since the price isn’t that painful in the pocket at PHP 580 ($ 12.47) for two shoes.

These gold ballerina shoes killed my feet till day 2 but after that, it’s just like walking on clouds.

This quirky zebra print is pretty unexpected which is probably why it caught my attention. It adds a little personality to the usual plain top and skinny jeans. I was pleasantly surprised that this pair was so comfortable on the get go.

I went to Podium and dropped by the Buffalo Jeans store, which was on clearance sale. I think the sale extends till mid Feb… if I’m not mistaken.
So here I am doing the Karen Cheng inside the store’s dressing room. I am lemming that wall paper! Anyway, I wanted to see what the back looks like so pardon the weird pose. This hoodie top dropped from PHP 1,398 ($ 30.06) to PHP 399 ($ 8.57). If that’s not a good deal then I don’t know what is! The jeans are all on sale so, PI-based beauties, you might wanna check that out.

Okay here’s the last item in my recent loot. This is where the dorky side of me comes out. LOL. See, since I do events, I always have my trustee clipboard with me. I’ve had the same clipboard for four years and it’s been with me through thick and thin…through hell and back so to speak. Unfortunately, I left it when I did an event in Cebu recently. Sniff!

So I went to Living Well and they were also on clearance sale. Their china was on 50% as well as all the nice looking kitchen stuff. Anyway, I found this normal looking clipboard that you see here….Oh yeah…behind that is my office desk, phone and cellphone. People wonder why I keep my flip phone open like that when it’s on my desk. It’s because I always keep it on silent mode. Not that it’s a strict office policy or something. I just feel it just adds unnecessary stress. So that’s why I leave it open so I can see it light up when I receive SMS or calls.

Sorry sidetracked! I’m a do some shutting up now. Hehehe. Anyway, going back to the clipboard…

Yup, nothing extraordinary….But when I saw that it could do this…. all I could say was…Bag ’em up!

It comes with a secret drawer that fits all my post-its and colored pens perfectly. Yup at my age, I still play with colored pens. I’m just a big kid that’s all. LOL.
It also has a feature on both ends that can keep your pens and such. Nifty eh?! From PHP 240 ($ 5) it went down t0 PHP 120 ($ 2.59). My only gripe with this thing is that it was obviously old stock being a bit dusty and all, but it’s nothing that some good ol’ washing couldn’t handle.

So that was my recent haulage. Hope ya’ll enjoyed that as much as I did.

Ciao Ladies 🙂

Blog Header Frenzy

Just wanted to rave about my new blog site’s header (sorry shameless plug, i know. hehe). Hubby surprised me with this when I woke up this morning. Do I hear an Awwwwww? Lucky me coz he’s very supportive of my blogging addiction 🙂 Thanks Daddy.

Anyways, that little black faced puppy is my little Pablo, showing off his new outfit that he got from Tiendesitas yesterday. He was fresh from the dog spa when this pic was taken…this doggy is spoiled rotten believe me.

By the way, hubby just composed the shots, as me and Pablo weren’t really in the same room for the pic. Gotta love the little squirt. Too adorable. (Referring to Pablo here. hehe). Oh if you want to see a bigger image, click the header or scroll at the bottom of this blog.

Hope you can all drop by to check out my shopping finds @ Please comment and/or subscribe. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ciao Bellas.

Meet Ms. Loot Wagon

Okay I’ve been thinking about it for quite awhile now…and finally after procrastinating for weeks, I’ve created a 2nd blog. What?! Second blog? Paano na si “My Thoughts…Exactly?” Don’t worry guys. I have no plans of abandoning this site. I just wanted to set up a new one to focus on good buys (in my opinion). So what’s with the name LOOTWAGON you ask?Let me break it down for you.

First word, LOOT… cause all you’ll be seeing in the new site is loot, loot and more loot. In other words, a lot of good bargains, great buys, hauls and value-for-money products and brands available on this side of the planet, specifically in Manila Manila (or wherever my “happy feet” will take me).

WAGON is short for Bandwagon, or to be scientific about it…the Bandwagon effect (also known as the “cromo effect”), whereas people tend to follow the crowd’s general opinion on things, issues and whatever. So in this case, here’s hoping this blog influences you to give good brands and products available in the PI, some much-deserved attention. Course opinions stated here, are just my opinions, period. 🙂

Why don’t I just post my “loot” stories here you may ask? Well for one thing, I don’t want to bore my male readers with talk about the better mascara, or where the new shoe sale is at…so I set up a new blog solely focused on these things to give shopaholics like moi, a retail therapy treat.

Plus, Let’s just put it this way…after reading tons of product reviews and watching tons of hauls on youtube about brands that are hardly, if not at all unavailable in the city, I think it’s about time that I go on a serious brand bargain hunt for the best deals of both local and international brands available…within reasonable distance.

Sorry peeps, but in the new blogsite, you won’t be seeing divisoria finds, as I am oclophobic (deathly afraid of large crowds) and claustrophobic, and would rather shop and hunt for good finds in places that aren’t swarmed by people, or aren’t located in stifling tight alleys.

Expect to see a mix of dirt-cheap stuff, value-for-money finds, absolute must-haves and stuff that are just…well nice to brag about. Stay tuned for contests, tags, feature contributors (this city is too big for just one girl to cover) and just a bunch of blab about things that will make life a little bit more joyous, without having to break the bank.

Check it out, here’s the link. See you there! Mwah!