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Make-up brushes

This is a pending blog entry coming from my previous blog “What’s in my Kikay Kit”. If you’re following my blog, I’m sure you’d remember seeing this little transparent make-up brush case that I have inside my big kikay kit. So let me show you the contents.


Who says Rustan’s only sells stuff that are expensive? I got this case for PHP 125. Course, if you compare it to the regular plastic cases that you see in tiangges, this is already quite expensive. However, I felt it was a fair deal considering that this thing doesn’t really go out of shape no matter how much you stuff it. It’s like this little hard bubble that keeps everything in place. I would think it would make for a good pencil case, toothbrush travel kit or storage for your art brushes. I love that it’s clear because I can easily grab whatever it is that I need without having to pull out stuff. The zipper on this case also comes in pink, dark blue and another color but I can’t seem to remember what it is.

It’s actually one of those things that you see on the counter and go “so what’s the big deal?”. But when you use it, you’re like “Wow! Galing!”. This makes for a good gift I’m telling you. Just don’t expect an immediate overwhelming response when the recipients unwrap their presents. Let them use it first and for sure, you’ll be getting tons of compliments after.



This is my e.l.f. blush brush that I got from Rustan’s for PHP 129. You can use it to apply blush on, bronzers or simply for blending. This actually makes for a good gift for those who appreciate basic make-up tools.


Here it is up close. I actually wanted to get a kabuki brush instead but the last one they had in stock kind of shedded when I pulled it out of the box.  So oooopppps…I ain’t getting that.


This is the e.l.f. black liquid liner which I use everyday. Yup, I’m still trying to perfect that line but with more practice I think I’ll get there. You know what, I wish someone would invent a stencil of sorts that you just plop on your eyelid to trace a perfect line. Cosmetics people! Please listen to your market! LOL. Once you develop that product, I’ll be first in line to buy. Oh the price for the liquid liner is PHP 129. It’s actually better than the usual drugstore brands but you just have to get used to that “ammonia” smell.


Here’s the foundation brush which delivers as promised, as it evenly blends and applies liquid or powder foundation on your skin very well. To be honest though, this is my most unused brush in the collection, because I still find it quicker to use my fingertips when applying liquid foundation. I use this brush when applying highlighter on my eyes, nose and cheeks to give me that shiny dewy look that looks great on photos.


This is the e.l.f. eyeshadow brush. It’s not a super wow brush, but it pretty much delivers the basics. So there. hehehe. PHP 129 people.

loot-part-1-045And here’s the elianto brush that I already showed you before. This is still my favorite blending brush in the world.

So there… hope that helped you, as far as basic make-up brushes are concerned. if you want to know more about e.l.f., you may visit the e.lf. website