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2009 Must-Have List

I don’t know if it’s a little too late for this one but since its just the 6th day of the 1st month of the year, I guess it’s not too late….

Since everybody’s cracking on their New Year’s resolutions, I’ll give it a Lootwagon twist and instead, just do a New Year’s Lemm/Must-Have list.Β  What can I say…a girl can dream can’t she?

1) New Laptop – Jupiter has been good to me but it’s just too darn heavy especially for travel! Case in point, my recent Cebu trip. I lugged this lappie on my Nike backpack and I ended up with a very sore back. I’m looking into a netbook that’s smaller, lighter but still packed with features. Course if it comes in a sassy color then that’s a plus! Something like this wouldn’t be too bad…

lenovo-idea-pad-s10-laptop2Lenovo Ideapad S10 is one of Lenovo’s newest net book series. Slim, light, easy to use.Β  Price is PHP 27,595. Aray! Check their website for specs.Β  Heard that it’s sibling, the S9 (photo below) isn’t available yet in local shores. 8.9inches and super lightweight. Hmmm…must be worth the wait.


aspire_one2Acer Aspire is also another cute option but I’ve been hearing a lot of rants about this gadget. But since Jupiter is an Acer and works pretty darn well based on my experience, I guess getting another one from the same brand shouldn’t be so bad.Β  Check site for details.

Photos courtesy of Lenovo and Acer website.

2) Bigger make-up collection – I am seriously hoping I can grow my collection this year. Some brands that I have my eye on are:

  • MAC (MSFs, pigments, lippies, blusheyeshadows)
  • NARS (deep throat or orgasm blush-on)
  • Nyx (lippies! such gorgeous nude colors!)
  • Urban Decay (I just got new eyeliners today thanks to fellow blogger Arwen who just flew back to Singapore this afternoon! Uber thanks Girl! Product review to follow!)
  • Smashbox (eyeshadows, tints, lipgloss) – I saw this Rapture Lip Gloss set in Beauty Bar Trinoma yesterday and I absolutely drooled. I have a very strong feeling these babies will end up in my kikay kit very soon. LOL.

smashboxPHP 1,500 for the whole set at Beauty Bar

Photo courtesy of Smashbox website

  • Milani (eyeshadows, bronzers, blushies)
  • Benefit (coming soon!)
  • Stila (smudgepots, lipglaze)
  • Clinique (moisturizers and beauty products)
  • VMV Hypoallergenics (Just found out recently that VMV is actually a Filipino brand. Don’t believe me? Check out this INQ article or best, Google it πŸ™‚ )
  • Shu Uemura (eyelash curlers—definitely has a cult following.Β  Why else would they make a 24k limited edition version of it? Okay I probably wouldn’t go this far…Hub will kill me. LOL.


  • The Body Shop (Minerals)
  • Suesh Make-up brushes (I have a feeling that it won’t be long till I get my hands on these babies too. Thanks to the 15% coupon in my BDJ planner, which by the way I mentioned in my other blog. I’m contemplating on attending one of their workshops too. Which reminds me… I need to book a slot asap before I run out!)


5-piece set?…

groupsetsmallfile…or 16-piece set? Gawd…this thing intimidates me!

3)Β  Organized Cosmetics stash – Course, once you’ve built your collection, you most definitely need quality storage. I saw something like this in Glorietta a few months back. If I remember it correctly it was around PHP 1,7oo plus.

0586249a4) Better wardrobe – My style is definitely laid back for two reasons…I do events so I’m always on my toes, plus I commute to work. So I keep dem’ sassy heels for special occasions. Daily staples are jeans, a snug top, Chucks. I don’t know if the 10 Basic Essentials that make up a wardrobe rule will actually work for me since I’m always on the go… but hey! I’m willing to give it a whirl. At least I already got numbers 1,5,6 and 8 down pat.

5) Nice Dresser – I am so lemming a nice dresser! A Hollywood star- like dresser with yellow bulbs has been sort of like a crazy fantasy of mine. Reality check…. mahal ang kuryente ngayon iha…so wag ka nang mag inarte ng pa-light bulb light bulb jan.

6) Plane Tickets – I actually don’t know where to go yet. All I know is, this year, it sure would be nice to travel more. Hmmm…come to think of it, sinceΒ  Hub just got granted his US Visa, that could be a sign! Hey…We never know! πŸ™‚

Yeah…that’s about it. Sigh. Sarap mag day-dream. So…how bout you? What are your Must-Haves this year? πŸ™‚

Blog Header Frenzy

Just wanted to rave about my new blog site’s header (sorry shameless plug, i know. hehe). Hubby surprised me with this when I woke up this morning. Do I hear an Awwwwww? Lucky me coz he’s very supportive of my blogging addiction πŸ™‚ Thanks Daddy.

Anyways, that little black faced puppy is my little Pablo, showing off his new outfit that he got from Tiendesitas yesterday. He was fresh from the dog spa when this pic was taken…this doggy is spoiled rotten believe me.

By the way, hubby just composed the shots, as me and Pablo weren’t really in the same room for the pic. Gotta love the little squirt. Too adorable. (Referring to Pablo here. hehe). Oh if you want to see a bigger image, click the header or scroll at the bottom of this blog.

Hope you can all drop by to check out my shopping finds @ Please comment and/or subscribe. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ciao Bellas.

Birthday Haulin’

I think that there’s no better time to do a haul, than on your birthday. For one thing, I’m sure you can expect to receive at least one good present. Or, if in the most unlikely scenario that you don’t get anything at all, you’ll probably make up for it by spending on something nice for yourself. So really, birthdays are a perfect excuse to haul. So bearing that excuse (please humor me as birthdays only come once a year), I present to you my 5 Birthday Hauls.

A few days before my birthday, I was pretty excited to get an early delivery for an order that I made online, a Belle De Jour Planner . It’s been in circulation since 2007. Back then, I didn’t really feel compelled to get myself one as I got about three planners as gifts. But after finding out how much it has improved through the years, as well as the kind of value you get for purchasing the planner… I decided to get my hands on these babies fast especially since they only print just a limited number of copies. So… what’s so special about these planners you ask? Allow me to give you the scoop.

Belle De Jour is more than just a kikay planner… it’s packed with a lot of female-friendly time management tools.

For one thing, it’s flexible to both time-schedule planners (those who block off certain times of the day for appointments, etc.) and free space planners (those who just scribble their to-dos in no particular order). I’m actually more of a free space planner, so the very light lines actually help because I don’t feel boxed up in a particular area. BDJ also features weekly categories like Big Rocks (referring to your big projects for the week that you need to allocate a certain time for in your day), Priorities of the week, Gap time (those lull moments in between stuff that you need to do)), Errand list, Daily Schedules (the usual) and MITs (Most important things).

Another feature is its set of special pages that can’t be found in the usual planners. Just to name a few, it carries a space for your 2009 goals. It also offers a Someday-Maybe list, Dream Board page, Menstrual tracker (can you believe this?), Health checklist, Vacation planner, Birthday list, Christmas list, 2010 Forward planning page, Emergency numbers…okay need I go on?

But people seriously, being the frugal shopper that I am, features aren’t enough to catch my fancy. I’m all about value-for-money deals! Call me the Queen of Cheap (Oh wait, that’s Tyra) so if there’s anything that really compelled me to place my order online… are these babies that you see on the photos! Yes people, coupons!!! And I’m not just talking about 10 or 20 coupons…I’m talking about 60 coupons! And a lot of the coupons come from stores that are pretty fantastic. You get a total of P1,000 worth of actual freebies and P10,000 worth of discounts. Not bad eh?

Incase you’d like to know more about these planners, visit Luckily, I was one of the first 1000 buyers, so I got a free privilege card from Philosophy by Mikaela. Thanks to this card, I am now entitled to a free haircut and hair therapy on my next birthday. Sweet! Oh before I forget, what’s the damage you ask? Not bad for PHP 598 considering all the value you’re really getting.


I actually got this last October so it’s pretty much a pre-birthday thing. It’s a Sony Ericsson Z610i… not a new model at all but it rates high on the cute-ness quotient don’t you think? πŸ™‚ Love the chrome casing and how without even having to flip open the phone, you get to see who calls or texts as it flashes on the chrome cover. Okay, I know you’re noticing a pattern here. I never used to like pink but for some reason, I think my girly-girl side is getting the best of me.


These were gifts from a cousin I never knew I had (Hubby’s cousin). He came from the US and gave me these as my pasalubong. It just so happened, that I got these in time for my birthday. No explanations necessary. Who doesn’t love Victoria Secret? I especially like the lotion because it has a hint of Ylang-ylang and glides on like silk. I’m just not a fan of the cheesy name πŸ™‚


This has got to be the best birthday present ever! I got this from my hubby. I’m guessing he got me this, partly because he’s supportive of my insatiable internet/blogging/social networking- site addiction… and partly because I hog the PC most of the time that it’s becoming a pain in the neck. This is an ACER Aspire 4315 model. Love that it actually comes with a webcam. Future Vlogger perhaps? Hmmm…let’s see πŸ™‚

My hubby upgraded it from 1GB to 3GB RAM (memory). It comes with a 120 GB hardisk, DVD-Super Multi DL and has a 14.1″ WXGA Acer CrystalBrite LCD. It was initially loaded with Windows Vista, but we noticed that it kinda slowed things up a bit because of the heavy graphics. So we went with what’s fast, familiar and practical…Windows XP. Guess I have no excuse now not to update my blog. What a good problem to have πŸ™‚


Like what Oprah said, if you don’t change your look at least once every six months, you are definitely stuck in a rut. I decided I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a rut, especially on my birthday. So on my birthday, I splurged on salon services and had my mane chopped off without thinking twice. Thanks to my stylist Dan of Azta Salon in Eastwood as he didn’t need a long description to grasp what I was aiming for. All I had to tell him was “Gusto ko yung tipong maayos parin, kahit na magulo” .

So that’s that. I know it’ll take another year for me to do my next birthday haul. That sure was fun while it lasted. Hope you enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

Make-up rave

Spending my Tuesday evening just watching make-up tutorials, I suddenly remembered a good friend/former-colleague. Thanks to the magic of social networking sites, I got to see what she was up to in just a few mouse clicks. And all I can say is, well I couldn’t be happier…

A few months before we parted ways from a previous employer, a huge blessing landed right smack on her lap. She got a scholarship to one of the best Make-up schools in the Philippines. I witnessed how she went around asking friends to “donate” spare cosmetics, just so she had something to work with during class. Finished or not finished at work, once that clock strikes 5pm, she would throw on her black polo shirt with that little Philippine flag emblem on the shoulder, and stormed out of the office like there was a fire drill. That went on for about two to three months of juggling work and make-up class, that stretched till 11 in the evening.

Well since then, she has come a long way. For one thing, she’s not using leftover make-up anymore. Oh no sireee! She is using the best “to-drool-for” cosmetic brands now that I’m actually quite tempted to ask her to return the favor, and give me a “donation” too!

And since we all have that girly-girl side to all of us… Admit it, it’s right there in the deepest crevice of your skull, here are some samples of her “eye-candy” work…

Playing with bold oranges for a look that’s over the top
Do the smokey eyeBridal blissAvante Garde look playing with metallics (Check out the lashes!)
Perfecting the no-make up lookAnother bridal look (This is our pretty officemate, Carla) Yummy citrusy colors make for a unique night-time look Dramatic eyeshadowExtreme Avante Garde (She managed to match the make-up
with the model’s outfit! The model’s our former officemate too)

So here’s the plugging part… Girl, you ought to give me a commission for this one! hehe! Kidding! I’m not at all paid to do this. If you’re interested to book my good friend, just send her an email at or text her at (0915)5888045.

Congrats girl! Hope this blog helps spread the word.
I know you’ll definitely go places.

Haul Away!

Okay let’s talk about Haul blogs and videos. Just incase the term “Haul” sounds alien to you, let me give you the 411. Haul pertains to a blog or video that you post, so you can show off your new stuff. Haul videos are actually very popular in Youtube. Type HAUL on the search engine and I bet you, your screen will be filled up with videos of the female species (mostly in their early 20s) showing off their new MAC cosmetics, Coach bags, gadgets and all sorts of beauty products.

At first, I found it kind of juvenile, but after a while it just grew on me. These things are actually pretty helpful. When I want to purchase something, I search blogs and vlogs to check reviews. With just a few clicks, I get the lowdown on the product and sometimes even get tips on cheaper alternatives. Sometimes you even get to discover products you didn’t even know existed.

To illustrate, when MAC Manish Arora was launched, all they had to do was post a teaser ad online and allowed bloggers & vloggers to circulate the news. The moment it was announced that orders were already being taken, in a span of eight hours stocks were completely out. In less than eight hours, YouTube was already filled with all sorts of Haul videos showing the lucky ones who got their hands on these babies before it all ran out. I had no idea such a line came out but after watching tons of haul videos and reading tons

of blogs about it, I’m actually hoping I was one of the few people who made an order before the new line turned extinct.

So there, if there’s one piece of marketing advise I can give to Brand Managers all over, especially for beauty products, consider shifting your media spend from TV to Youtube. Seriously, just put 20 girls there, raving about the most “awesome” “to-die-for” eyecream in the planet, and I bet you, you can just watch those numbers fly and you’ll be so darn happy, you’d be hopskipping to the bank to encash your checks.

Okay, before I drfit away and start another topic without finishing what I came here for… (Focus woman! Focus!) incase you remember an entry that I made a while back entitled trading my heels for chucks, at that time I actually meant that phrase as a metaphor. But whether consciously or unconsciously, recently I’ve been throwing out my high heels to make more room for my new babies. So with Haul, haul and more haul in our heads, Ladies and Gents, I bring you my first ever, sneaker haul…

Here’s a bronze pair that I picked up at WADE in The Block recently for P899. I actually wanted to get a different pair but I didn’t have it in my size so I went for this instead. I like that it’s metallic for that added bling. It’s a bit heavy than the regular type of sneaker, and the sole is actually not that soft. I wonder if it’s one of those shoes that you’d have to wear for a long time before it gets all buttery on your feet.

My friend who is based in China just sent me two pairs of sneakers that I absolutely love! No it’s not a gift, cause I still have to pay for it (although I haven’t really figured how to transmit payment yet). Anyway, her friend came to Manila and she asked him to drop by my workplace to deliver these goodies. Needless to say, I just totally flipped when I got my hands on these!
Washed out denim
Light orange and cream

These two pairs make me feel like I’m walking on clouds, really really soft on the sole. And not bad for P600 a pop. So there…thanks to getting these three pairs in the span of two weeks, I have now officially joined the haul blogging community. I’m actually eyeing a pair of (almost) knee-high boxer type Adidas. Hmmmm…I don’t remember writing a more nonsensical blog, but heck that sure was fun!

So here’s the interactive part of the blog. I will be tagging people to do the same, and hopefully they can come up with a blog or vlog to just show off their recent hauls. No rules… you can do a bag haul, office supplies haul, gadget haul, book haul…whatever catches your fancy! Keep your eyes peeled on the comment box people. Looking forward to seeing your loot. πŸ™‚

shout-outs and stations

While grooving to Amy Winehouse on a Thursday evening, I decided to check back on a previous blog game that i cooked up called “5 factoids you may not know about me blog tag game”. Following the trail, I can’t believe how far it has gone! Course, some of the rules have been lost in translation… but who cares! I was cracking up reading about a secret third nipple, someone falling into a creek and getting rescued by a drug addict, and someone who used to play hide & seek with a Jesus Christ statue.

So I’d like to give my shout-outs to the three bloggers that I initially tagged, who humored me and just played along! Thanks for keeping the ball rolling! Thanks also to the others whom I tagged along the way. Yeah yeah.. I know I broke the rules! Hey i made the rules anyway! So again, thanks to you and to those you tagged, who then tagged others and the list goes on and on…. I appreciate all your very cool factoids! Do watch out for the next blogtag game πŸ™‚

Okay, on to business….

Checking out Icequeen’s blog, I was inspired to do some light blogging for the evening (light blogging…meron pala nun?). She made a request in her comment page to see my desk. And since coincidentally, I happen to be toying with the idea of doing an office desk blog, I guess you can say, this entry comes in very good timing. So here you go…

This is the serious section of my desk. Now don’t go saying “aaay! ang liit naman ng mesa niya!”, uuummm….coz what you see here is just a section. Just so we’re absolutely clear on that. hehe. Anywayz, let me give you the tour…to your left, you can see a stack of pencils & markers on a clear glass. The clear glass is an upgrade coming from the past paper mache’ pen holder that wasn’t much help at all, especially when I needed to find the little things, like erasers and stuff. Beside that… yes Angelina, that is a Martini glass, which I adopted from the previous resident of my desk. It actually makes for a very nifty holder for my striped paperclips. Okay, speaking of paperclips let me just get sidetracked for a while, and tell you about my fixation for paperclips. It’s probably this little weird screw in my brain that makes me just love love love paperclips! especially the large ones. So this Christmas, if any of you can get me large paperclips in different colors, I would be so darn grateful it would scare you.

Okay sorry back to the tour…

At the back are some files that aren’t actually mine but they’ve been sitting there since I got in, a bunch of books that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, a tape holder which is doing a great job keeping the books from falling, a post-it holder and a desk calendar. So there…nothing fancy.

So on to the more interesting section of my work desk. Just twist your head to the right, and you’ll see what I mean…


These are my toys. Okay so what’s a 28-year old woman doing with toys? Well I guess it’s pretty much the same reason why grown up men collect action figures, which by the way I used to call “man dolls” until a collector friend got severely offended by the term. The reason is…well, two words…cheap thrill. Let me introduce you guys to the crew. To your right, you can see my robotic kawaii piggy bank, who got shaken up quite badly this morning because I left my money at home. So as soon as I got in, I took my trusty tweezer, and tweezed the paper bills out coz they got stuck and wouldn’t come out the normal way.

…And yes, that is a fully functional gum ball machine. Only now, it’s still full of candy colored chocolates that I plan to empty and replace with real gum balls… for fear of melamine. That other toy you see, is a little purple dinosaur. Okay, this where the disclaimer comes in. For the record, I AM NOT A FAN OF BARNEY. I just found this from my Mom’s home, and I think it belongs to my niece Olivia…Sweetie, if you’re crying your eyes out looking for your purple dinosaur, it’s with Tita okay?

So there. I actually had a fun time doing show and tell. I guess I can manage to squeeze in another snapshot… I’ll show you where I spend most of my time when I’m not in the office…Yup you got it right, in front of the computer. So here’s a photo of our home set-up…

Yup… that is a mic, boom speakers and a mixer flanking our PC. Being married to a multi-media guy, our little shoebox of an apartment is actually a mini-studio…not that I’m complaining. I love coming home to a very creative environment. See, we’re not your typical married couple, wherein the husband comes home in his suit and tie, while the subservient wife is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. For one thing, I don’t cook he does… and thank God for that! We play our music loud. Sometimes I help him out by doing the VO in his AVPs. I try to poke some suggestions on his artwork and film projects. When he’s not busy with projects, we just surf youtube and check out what’s new. Sometimes, he just gives me the throne (not the toilet, the other throne) and I just end up clicking away until my vision blurs.

So there, hope you liked that little sneak peek into my world. Hey, here’s an idea… why don’t you show me (and the rest of the world) how your stations look like. We’ll be waiting!

Ode to Sookie

It was a normal day like all days. I got to the office at 11am (yup, now 11am is the norm for me… woot! woot!). I opened my mail, ate lunch at my desk, attended three meetings, replied to a bunch of e-mail, had a good chat with officemates and then, called it a night. when i got home, my hubby greeted me with a knowing grin on his face. The kind of grin that says, he has some really juicy news and he’s about to burst.

Being tired and hungry, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to play guessing games anymore so he spared me the agony. He told me to go to the bedroom which I did, and there it was… this shiny sleek little pagoda resting on the bed. I rubbed my eyes because i wasn’t sure if I was seeing right. When my vision finally steadied its focus, my jaw dropped. There it was, a brand new Canon powershot A470!

After being extremely exhausted the past few days… the kind of exhaustion paired with symptoms, like forgetting you already shampooed, so you end up shampooing again, sort of a thing. And still recovering from wearing my Nurse’s hat at night, and going straight on duty for work…I admit, the fatigue is definitely kicking in.

But there it was, that shiny beacon of hope dressed in a sleek platinum coat with some cool pink piping, it just wiped all my stress away… and in its place painted a permanent smile that I just couldn’t shake off for the life of me… the kind of permanent smile that came with a downpour of tears. Yeah…yeah..I’m a sappy one.

Admittedly, I’ve never been used to getting “big” presents. It’s not like my family was scrimping, it just simply wasn’t the norm in the house. At Christmas, I would get gifts like a handkerchief, a little bottle of cologne, a notepad…that was it, and to think that would already be on a generous season. I remember giving mom a drawing on a piece of paper for her birthday, and she just choked up in tears like I just unveiled an obra maestra before her eyes.Yup, we’re easy-to-please folks. So receiving this new gizmo, is definitely front page headline material in my book.

He says it’s an advanced birthday gift and it’s his little way of thanking me for taking care of him in the hospital. Aaaawwww…. The kind of stuff romance movies are made of. To think the camera came in a very good time. I’ve been invited to my first bloggers event tomorrow. Hey watch out for that review.

I shall call you Sookie. Sorry, I have this strange habit of naming things that I have an emotional attachment with. So Sookie, girl you are divine! We are definitely going to be BFFs.