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Dress shopping

Okay today in between errands, I still managed to squeeze in some shopping. As usual, I headed to Market Market to find me a dress that I could wear next week for my trip to Cebu, as I’m doing a little event there.

I haven’t been wearing dresses recently as I’m kind of growing horizontally (not good), so I had to find a dress that would hug in the right places, can go from casual to formal with just a change of shoes and accessories, would not crease easily when packed (I so hate ironing, as in!), and most importantly, not burn my pocket.

So I found this simple number over at a store called ENVY at the 2nd level Market Market. It was actually on a mannequin in a bright canary yellow color that almost hurt the eyes. I didn’t like what I saw on the store window but just imagined the same cut but in different colors. I went inside and thankfully, that same dress did come in other colors. Plus the material doesn’t crease at all since its light knit or something like that.

Funny thing though, although I remember the sales girl saying it was PHP 600 plus, now that I’m looking at the OR it says P512. Hmmmm…have I been duped? Also as far as I can remember, the store name is ENVY. But if that is so, why does the OR say ENY Boutique, same as the orange red plastic bag with ENY printed on it too. Strange. Actually another strange thing is seeing these two bond papers stuck to the wall over at the cashier side. One of the papers had something like “Seller of the month” with the name of the employee below it. But the other paper says “Kulelat of the month” , yes and with the name of the poor employee dubbed as the least performing employee of that company/store for all the world to see. It’s quite sad. I feel bad for the so-called “Kulelat”. Talk about public humiliation. Geez.

Anyways, while I was in the dressing room, course I had to take a few snapshots with my camera phone so I can compare the colors.


Eww! pardon the tummy

dsc00085dsc00086So ladies, have you guessed which one I got?