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Blog Header Frenzy

Just wanted to rave about my new blog site’s header (sorry shameless plug, i know. hehe). Hubby surprised me with this when I woke up this morning. Do I hear an Awwwwww? Lucky me coz he’s very supportive of my blogging addiction 🙂 Thanks Daddy.

Anyways, that little black faced puppy is my little Pablo, showing off his new outfit that he got from Tiendesitas yesterday. He was fresh from the dog spa when this pic was taken…this doggy is spoiled rotten believe me.

By the way, hubby just composed the shots, as me and Pablo weren’t really in the same room for the pic. Gotta love the little squirt. Too adorable. (Referring to Pablo here. hehe). Oh if you want to see a bigger image, click the header or scroll at the bottom of this blog.

Hope you can all drop by to check out my shopping finds @ Please comment and/or subscribe. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ciao Bellas.

Meet Ms. Loot Wagon

Okay I’ve been thinking about it for quite awhile now…and finally after procrastinating for weeks, I’ve created a 2nd blog. What?! Second blog? Paano na si “My Thoughts…Exactly?” Don’t worry guys. I have no plans of abandoning this site. I just wanted to set up a new one to focus on good buys (in my opinion). So what’s with the name LOOTWAGON you ask?Let me break it down for you.

First word, LOOT… cause all you’ll be seeing in the new site is loot, loot and more loot. In other words, a lot of good bargains, great buys, hauls and value-for-money products and brands available on this side of the planet, specifically in Manila Manila (or wherever my “happy feet” will take me).

WAGON is short for Bandwagon, or to be scientific about it…the Bandwagon effect (also known as the “cromo effect”), whereas people tend to follow the crowd’s general opinion on things, issues and whatever. So in this case, here’s hoping this blog influences you to give good brands and products available in the PI, some much-deserved attention. Course opinions stated here, are just my opinions, period. 🙂

Why don’t I just post my “loot” stories here you may ask? Well for one thing, I don’t want to bore my male readers with talk about the better mascara, or where the new shoe sale is at…so I set up a new blog solely focused on these things to give shopaholics like moi, a retail therapy treat.

Plus, Let’s just put it this way…after reading tons of product reviews and watching tons of hauls on youtube about brands that are hardly, if not at all unavailable in the city, I think it’s about time that I go on a serious brand bargain hunt for the best deals of both local and international brands available…within reasonable distance.

Sorry peeps, but in the new blogsite, you won’t be seeing divisoria finds, as I am oclophobic (deathly afraid of large crowds) and claustrophobic, and would rather shop and hunt for good finds in places that aren’t swarmed by people, or aren’t located in stifling tight alleys.

Expect to see a mix of dirt-cheap stuff, value-for-money finds, absolute must-haves and stuff that are just…well nice to brag about. Stay tuned for contests, tags, feature contributors (this city is too big for just one girl to cover) and just a bunch of blab about things that will make life a little bit more joyous, without having to break the bank.

Check it out, here’s the link. See you there! Mwah!

Birthday Haulin’

I think that there’s no better time to do a haul, than on your birthday. For one thing, I’m sure you can expect to receive at least one good present. Or, if in the most unlikely scenario that you don’t get anything at all, you’ll probably make up for it by spending on something nice for yourself. So really, birthdays are a perfect excuse to haul. So bearing that excuse (please humor me as birthdays only come once a year), I present to you my 5 Birthday Hauls.

A few days before my birthday, I was pretty excited to get an early delivery for an order that I made online, a Belle De Jour Planner . It’s been in circulation since 2007. Back then, I didn’t really feel compelled to get myself one as I got about three planners as gifts. But after finding out how much it has improved through the years, as well as the kind of value you get for purchasing the planner… I decided to get my hands on these babies fast especially since they only print just a limited number of copies. So… what’s so special about these planners you ask? Allow me to give you the scoop.

Belle De Jour is more than just a kikay planner… it’s packed with a lot of female-friendly time management tools.

For one thing, it’s flexible to both time-schedule planners (those who block off certain times of the day for appointments, etc.) and free space planners (those who just scribble their to-dos in no particular order). I’m actually more of a free space planner, so the very light lines actually help because I don’t feel boxed up in a particular area. BDJ also features weekly categories like Big Rocks (referring to your big projects for the week that you need to allocate a certain time for in your day), Priorities of the week, Gap time (those lull moments in between stuff that you need to do)), Errand list, Daily Schedules (the usual) and MITs (Most important things).

Another feature is its set of special pages that can’t be found in the usual planners. Just to name a few, it carries a space for your 2009 goals. It also offers a Someday-Maybe list, Dream Board page, Menstrual tracker (can you believe this?), Health checklist, Vacation planner, Birthday list, Christmas list, 2010 Forward planning page, Emergency numbers…okay need I go on?

But people seriously, being the frugal shopper that I am, features aren’t enough to catch my fancy. I’m all about value-for-money deals! Call me the Queen of Cheap (Oh wait, that’s Tyra) so if there’s anything that really compelled me to place my order online… are these babies that you see on the photos! Yes people, coupons!!! And I’m not just talking about 10 or 20 coupons…I’m talking about 60 coupons! And a lot of the coupons come from stores that are pretty fantastic. You get a total of P1,000 worth of actual freebies and P10,000 worth of discounts. Not bad eh?

Incase you’d like to know more about these planners, visit Luckily, I was one of the first 1000 buyers, so I got a free privilege card from Philosophy by Mikaela. Thanks to this card, I am now entitled to a free haircut and hair therapy on my next birthday. Sweet! Oh before I forget, what’s the damage you ask? Not bad for PHP 598 considering all the value you’re really getting.


I actually got this last October so it’s pretty much a pre-birthday thing. It’s a Sony Ericsson Z610i… not a new model at all but it rates high on the cute-ness quotient don’t you think? 🙂 Love the chrome casing and how without even having to flip open the phone, you get to see who calls or texts as it flashes on the chrome cover. Okay, I know you’re noticing a pattern here. I never used to like pink but for some reason, I think my girly-girl side is getting the best of me.


These were gifts from a cousin I never knew I had (Hubby’s cousin). He came from the US and gave me these as my pasalubong. It just so happened, that I got these in time for my birthday. No explanations necessary. Who doesn’t love Victoria Secret? I especially like the lotion because it has a hint of Ylang-ylang and glides on like silk. I’m just not a fan of the cheesy name 🙂


This has got to be the best birthday present ever! I got this from my hubby. I’m guessing he got me this, partly because he’s supportive of my insatiable internet/blogging/social networking- site addiction… and partly because I hog the PC most of the time that it’s becoming a pain in the neck. This is an ACER Aspire 4315 model. Love that it actually comes with a webcam. Future Vlogger perhaps? Hmmm…let’s see 🙂

My hubby upgraded it from 1GB to 3GB RAM (memory). It comes with a 120 GB hardisk, DVD-Super Multi DL and has a 14.1″ WXGA Acer CrystalBrite LCD. It was initially loaded with Windows Vista, but we noticed that it kinda slowed things up a bit because of the heavy graphics. So we went with what’s fast, familiar and practical…Windows XP. Guess I have no excuse now not to update my blog. What a good problem to have 🙂


Like what Oprah said, if you don’t change your look at least once every six months, you are definitely stuck in a rut. I decided I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a rut, especially on my birthday. So on my birthday, I splurged on salon services and had my mane chopped off without thinking twice. Thanks to my stylist Dan of Azta Salon in Eastwood as he didn’t need a long description to grasp what I was aiming for. All I had to tell him was “Gusto ko yung tipong maayos parin, kahit na magulo” .

So that’s that. I know it’ll take another year for me to do my next birthday haul. That sure was fun while it lasted. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂