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FOTD: 4U2 Four Color Eyeshadow Art

I dropped by Watson’s in Market! Market! with the original plan of just buying toiletries for my Baguio trip. However, I got sidetracked when I happened to pass by the cosmetics section (who can resist?). Saw the usual brands Revlon, Loreal, Max Factor and local brands Nichido, EB and the like.

While browsing, what captured my interest is a shelf featuring an unfamiliar brand called 4U2. Apparently, these products are made in Thailand but distributed in the US under license by Bel Air USA Cosmetics. They launched the product in local shores through Watson’s.

I love the cute packaging and how easily blendable the eyeshadows are. They offer eyeshadows in delish colors! I tried on some swatches, and was absolutely thrilled as its highly-pigmented.

I got an “Impress” Four Color Eyeshadow Art palette. It combines all four colors in one pot so you just have to be a little careful where to position your brush so you don’t get it all mixed up right away.  Here are the product shots:

cosmetics-003It comes in a clear plastic box


Cute huh? Love the polka dots. It so…New year’s-ish. LOL.cosmetics-005

Comes with a mirror for easy touch-ups


Up close

cosmetics-007All it took was one soft application to get these swatches. See how pigmented these are!

I love this eyeshadow quad and I highly recommend it! Damage for this product is PHP 424. It’s available in a green, blue and light brown palettes as well. You get a base color (old rose), a lid color (soft brown), a contour color (dark maroon-ish hue) and a highlighter (light baby pink) all in one easy to use pot. I suggest you use this palette with a nice blending brush to add dimension to your eye.

4U2  also offers dual eyeshadows (around PHP 200plus), blush ons (the peachy-hues are worth-trying especially for morenas), lippies and foundations. Visit the bigger Watson’s stores to get a load of these babies.

Oh and before I forget… Happy New Year! 🙂