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FOTD: Quick Day Look

Here’s an FOTD Day look using my recent BareNaturals loot plus a bunch of other stuff. Sorry, I’m new at this…. so I certainly hope these photos don’t hurt your eyes much. LOL. Here’s the look in natural light:

Gotta rock the hoodie!

So there, here’s a quick look at how I achieved my FOTD.

I used the S5 Primer followed by my Loreal True Match in G3. Covered my flaws with Barenaturals Ultimate Concealer. Used the ring finger for that. For my eyebrows, I simply used the Nichido Eye Contour Pencil in 02 Deep Blonde. I use this for four reasons: 1) It’s a no brainer. Just fill in your brows and you’re good to go 2) It’s dirt-cheap, about PHP 100 ($ 2) and available in almost all leading local drugstores and department stores 3) It lightens my eyebrows to match my hair color 4) It was highly recommended by a professional MUA. To think she uses a lot of high-end products for her clients but swears by this one. So there…

The other end has a sponge smudger thingee
The Face Shop clear mascara to tame my brows

For the eyes, I used my Lancome quad starting off with this golden color for my lid. Sorry I know the palette is messed up. I forgot to dust it off before taking pics! Hahaha!
And this dark plum color for the outer VI didn’t concentrate on adding dimension to the eyes mainly because I was running late for work. LOL. Plus, I just wanted to keep it fresh and simple for the day.

Lined the eyes with Prestige Liquid Liner in Black/Brown

Used the off-white color from the Elianto Baked Eyeshadow duo as highlighter
Finished off the look with Barenaturals Hot Latina Setting Powder

Used Viva Sophia Barenaturals powder blush on my cheek bones. Love the sheer color. This tiny speck of pink is all I needed for the day.

Used Matte Deep Rose from The Face Shop Colour Full Lip Palette 01

And I was out the door! Hope that was helpful.

Enjoy the weekend sistahs! 🙂

Barenaturals Loot

I finally got my package from Barenaturals! I didn’t blog about these as soon as I got ’em because I wanted to make sure to give myself two days to try ’em out first so I can write a better review. Here’s the scoop on the tiny goodies that I got:

S5 Primer

The product is transparent and has a very similar consistency to feminine wash (No surprise there). Just a few drops on my fingertips provided enough product for my whole face. WIth that, I’m guessing this tiny little bottle might actually last me a while. During the day, I definitely noticed that my make-up stayed longer than usual. My blush usually fades by mid-day but when I started using this primer, the color just stayed on. Loves it!!! So will I repurchase? There’s a big chance that I’ll purchase the big bottle as soon as I finish this up…well, unless I get distracted again by other brands that I might want to try. LOL.

I was disappointed at first when instead of MORENA FILIPINA, I got sent HOT LATINA instead. I was also quite surprised that the caps for both MMU containers were not closed tightly at all. But since there was a sticker that prevented spillage, I guess that’s forgiveable. I sent an SMS to the seller about the incorrect order. The seller said that I should expect the correct shade together with my future purchase. I already initally expressed interest in the Nyx lippies, as well as the BB cream. Plus, the seller said that I can go ahead and keep HOT LATINA, so it’s all good. Here’s a shot of both MMUs. HOT LATINA Setting Powder

Swatched on my hand. I’m sure you can tell it’s there.

Although it didn’t exactly disappear on my hand, applying it over my face after my liquid foundation really complemented my skin tone well. After realizing how great it looked on my face, I wasn’t at all sad for not getting my original shade. I’ll show you photos of moi in my next blog.

Ultimate Concealer

I’ve never used a powder concealer before so I definitely had my reservations. I’m used to concealers that come in pots, palettes, sticks, pencils, etc. etc. I used my ring finger to apply the concealer powder gently on some flaws and tiny discolorations on my face and the results were quite impressive. This baby erased my imperfections and even if its powder, it stayed on for a long time in spots that needed coverage. So yes!…this is my new favorite. You can tell it’s a new favorite because it replaced the resident concealer of my everyday cosmetic kit. I just won’t say what brand that is. LOL.
Free samples

I got sent free samples! Woot! Woot! From left to right— Prettiest Pink Peach powder blush (Apparently is a dupe of Nars Orgasm), Viva Sofia powder blush and Olive Medium Light MMU.

Swatched ’em all according to order. Take note, I didn’t blend these babies just so you can see how it registers on cam. My new favorite is the one at the center. I think I am now officially a pink blush convert. I used to wear peach only. Show you pics soon.

Overall, I feel these products are worth purchasing in big containers. For references on the prices and some detailed product info, you can check my previous post “Barenaturals Order”.

Happy Friday Ladies! Till next blog! 🙂

Barenaturals Order

I know it’s a weird thing that I’m showing you my deposit slip but see, I have this bad habit of forgetting prices. So I’m showing you this now just so you know how much I’ve splurged recently on make-up.

I’ve paid PHP 590 which already covers three items total (includes shipping). Not bad eh? So these are the products that I’ve ordered from http://barenaturals.multiply.com/ with the corresponding prices (All prices quoted are in Philippine currency).

1 pc. Morena Filipina Mineral Veil PHP 200
1pc. S5 Primer 5ml PHP 145
1 pc. 5g Ultimate Concealer new formulation! PHP 195
Shipping PHP 50


Well for starters, I’ve heard nothing but good things about this brand. It actually took a lot of blog-surfing before I’ve decided to finally try these and see for myself what the big hoopla is all about. Let me show you why I was convinced to buy these goodies:


I’ve been on the hunt for MMUs (Mineral Make-up) for quite sometime and so I’ve tried tons of testers in the market. Among everything that I’ve tried I must admit that I haven’t really seen a product that fits pinay skin perfectly. Except maybe Loreal True Match Minerals. So, when I saw this product online and the fact that they named it MORENA FILIPINA just caught my attention. Finally! Someone thought of developing an MMU for Filipina skin!

Website says…

” Our new veil formulation! It looks several tones darker than LATINA but it is just a SHADE away. This will definitely add the last finishing touch to achieve a flawless, airbrushed, flawless finish, good for morena beauties!

Plus admit it, the price ain’t that bad at all! Course, I will reserve the blow-by-blow product review once I’ve actually received the product. Other variants are Hot Latina (best-seller I’ve heard), Chinadoll, Japanese Geisha.


I don’t know about you but I still believe that there are quality primers out there that aren’t expensive. So with the S5 Primer, all I can say is I have nothing but high hopes for this find. Website says…

“This oil-free primer has natural plant extracts, olive squalene known for skin smoothening, age-defying power! It is dubbed as a “skin quencher” thus, protecting our skin from surface damages due to exposure to UV light and other sources of oxidative damage! Your skin does not only look beautiful outside.. but the skin cells are given the much needed care as well! Makeup fondation lasts longer, face looks superbly beautiful and did we say that S5 Primer comes at a very unbelivably friendly price!”

Again, I will reserve my review until I actually get my hands on this baby. On to the next!


My last purchase is the ultimate concealer. Well, you can’t have too many concealers like I always say.

Website says…

“A concealer that holds up to our high standards. Ultimate Concealer can be used by all skin tones, it goes on smooth and creamy like a liquid, covers dark undereye circles, dark lids, red spots, spider veins, minor scars and more. Our best advice is to always apply with a good conealing brush made especially for this purpose. The taklon hairs do not absorb the concealer as a natural hair brush will. It also gives a fine even application. Due to the strengh of pure pigments you only need a very small amount for coverage.”

So there…I’m pretty excited for my package to arrive. Oh if you notice, I only got little amounts of each because I want to make sure that I’m absolutely satisfied with the product/s before I even spend on the big containers. I also asked for free samples with my order so I hope Bare Naturals will indulge me with that request. Oh and guess what! I got an update that they will be offering BB creams starting next week! Oh the sheer joy!

Hope that was helpful. If by any chance, you girls already have these products, would appreciate any feedback that you can share. So there….Gotta jam! Hub and I have a movie-date tonight. Woot! Woot! Till next entry Chikkas.