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FOTD: Elianto Eyeshadow Duo

Got an Elianto baked eyeshadow duo last December. I know…I know….this entry is loooong overdue. Well, you’ll see later why I’m not too excited to blog about this, that I even had to wait this long.

If you remember, I already have this duo in brown as mentioned in a previous blog . Although the packaging is cute and I love the color combination, the color payoff is not that superb. If there’s anything Elianto can still work on, as far as eyeshadows are concerned, its the pigmentation. Here are some close-ups:


Comes in a box like this




Cute huh? It’s like a little frosted bubble. I swear when these guys we’re developing the product, they probably had Mac Sea & Sky in mind. Dupe? for the packaging, possibly. But product-wise, not so. I tried swatching Sea & Sky while I was at the MAC store and that thing definitely packs a punch of color! It’s amaaaazing!


Mac Sea & Sky. Gorgeous huh? (Photo courtesy of www.beautynomics.com)


Going back, here are the swatches. Like I said, I’m not too happy with the color payoff. It just looks like a bunch of glitters.

But even if this product is not getting some love from me, being that its pigment-ally challenged and all (if there is such a term. LOL), this duo still makes for a nice back-up shadow and actually makes for a good highlighter on top of your eyeshadow to add that little frosted finish.

That’s it. Catch ya’ll later Beauties. 🙂

Elianto loot

Alright, so I hit Elianto at The Block last week, and got myself a few things. What you see below is the Elianto Baked Eyeshadow (duo) in brown. Actually, I bought it mostly because of its nifty packaging (I’m a sucker for packaging) plus I’ve always been curious about the benefits of baked make-up. I remember, The Face Shop doing this huge launch for their baked make-up line.

So anyways, I checked Elianto website, and lifted  this info from the site (just added a few corrections on the grammar. hehe), it says “This unique powder has been baked in Italian terracotta in high temperature for hours, thus the powder texture is more fine and with better powder compression. After mixing with water, the powder will “bounce back” (bola itoh? sorry couldn’t take that out…too funny. hehe) to a micro-fine feel without glazing, thus creating the ultra-shine and high hue effect. This silky powder eyeshadow can be applied either in dry or wet, for sheer make-up.” There, so that explains it. On to the loot…




Like I said I like the packaging and the fact that the product is rounded on the surface, which gives you more product to work with. Hmmm…I bet they patterned the packaging from the MAC eyeshadows. Anywayz, I use the off-white shade as base, and the bronze-y color on the edges of my lids to add shadow. I use this duo now for everyday make-up. Don’t be intimidated by the dark bronze color, as it’s actually very light when applied and stays long, no need for retouches.  Refer to swatches above. Third color to the right being the blush.


These are the other juicy colors which I plan to purchase next time.  Take a lo0k at the blue duo, doesn’t that look a lot like MAC’ Sea and Sky? 🙂


This is the Elianto Glitter blusher in 07 Pecan. Got it for about PHP 239 (if I’m not mistaken). Anyway, this peachy color is a very good everyday blush-on for Pinay skin. Plus it looks very natural on photos especially when you use it with a highlighter, thus giving you a dewy glow. Downside is, you just have to do retouches once in a while.


Below is the blending brush that I highly recommend, as it delivers as promised and blends eyeshadow very well. It does a great job of taking out those nasty harsh lines on the crease of your eye. Well it should be good if it was featured in an issue of Cosmopolitan as one of the best beauty brushes avalable in the market.


Here’s a tight shot of the bristles. Very soft. Elianto brushes range from PHP 169- PHP 399. Good buy.