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Baguio Loot

I’m back in town! I’ll surely miss the cold weather but I must admit, nothing beats Manila heat. Anyway, I managed to squeeze in some shopping finds while I was freezing my butt off in the city of pines. Here’s my Baguio loot.


I got these two babies from the public market, where they sell tons of pasalubongs and souvenirs of every possible kind. Yes…they still carry those wooden “man-in-the-barrel” thingees.

Anyway, original price for each scarf is PHP 150 but I managed to bargain the price down to PHP 100 a pop. These make for a nice artsy get-up especially when matched with a nice pair of jeans and plain white or black top. Below is a product shot and some shots of yours truly, wearing them scarves.




I love finding stuff that doesn’t conform to mainstream fashion. Especially when their dirt cheap! This piece actually looks a lot like our old puffy blankets in Baguio, which probably made me want to purchase it right away. Got it also from the market at PHP 170, from the  original price of PHP 180. I like that it looks a bit moroccan-ish in design especially with the little frillies at the bottom. Another plus is the satin lining inside.





You can’t go to Baguio and not buy silver. In my case, since I haven’t changed my belly ring since I got pierced a few months back, I felt it was about time for an upgrade from stainless steel to silver. Got this shiny jewel at PHP 200, from the original price of PHP 250. Also available in Baguio Market.

baguio-loot-002baguio-loot-004Sorry for the huge belly shot. I have got to cut down on them carbs!


Found this little jewel in Tam-Awan Village, which by the way is one of the must-sees in town if you want to experience the rustic outskirts and discover the rich culture and heritage of the Cordillerans. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes because the trip involves a little bit of a hike going up. Do check their website for details. Adult entrance is PHP 50.

Going back, this pendant shows a symbol of luck and fertility. Yup, you heard it right… fertility. But no need to freak out ladies, because that’s just based on old folklore. The same symbol comes in pure silver which is priced at PHP 470 versus brass which is priced at PHP 55.



When you’re done scouring the market and session road for your one-of-a-kind shopping finds, you may also want to check out Camp John Hay’s Mile- High, which is now a popular shopping destination as it offers outlet stores for popular brands, as well as bazaars that offer heaps and heaps of export overruns! I shopped for the black top that you see above (refer to SCARVES) for PHP 285 and another Old Navy long sleeved top for PHP 325. Prices aren’t exactly cheap but if you’re diligent enough in wading through the piles of clothes, you’ll definitely find a good buy or two.

baguio-loot-009baguio-loot-010baguio-loot-011So there…. hope you enjoyed my Baguio finds guys.  More loot to come  🙂

Loot from Shop @ The Fort Bazaar

I hit the “Shop @ The Fort bazaar” over at NBC Tent last night and I must say, it is definitely one of the most impressive bazaars that I’ve ever been to, as far as selection of items is concerned. Thanks to Karl Edward International for making the bazaar, a definite thumbs up! The items are all of good quality,  so no cheap-looking pirated crap here. So here’s my loot….

Baby Limey

spa-christmas-party-071Yep she has a name. Hehe. If you’ve known me for quite a while, you’d know that I give names to a lot of my stuff. For instance, there’s Jupiter for my laptop, Kawaii for my pink cellphone and Sookie my Canon digicam.

Anyways, so I’ve been lemming this yellow bag over at Rustan’s Makati and I almost carved it in stone that I was going to come back for it before the year ends. The damage for that bag is PHP 1,700 plus.

But when I hit the bazaar yesterday, I found this baby for PHP 950, the lowest I could manage to nego was PHP 900 (makunat!) but counting my bills, I knew I had to grab it otherwise, I might lose sleep over visions of donning a yellow bag.


I love the opening! This pretty much solves my problems with zippers. I swear with all the bags that I have, give or take around 12 to 15 of em’ don’t have zipper pulleys anymore. I have a tendency to snap that darn thing off especially when I’m rushing.


Another thing that I absolutely love about this bag (well aside from the striking fashionista color), is the fact that it fits all my loot snugly with its mini-partition in the middle that separates my stuff (refer to photo above). It’s also easy to find everything because its just laid out pretty nicely once you open the bag. I like the nice floral lining detail underneath, the big pockets outside and best of all, I love that it expands so even if it looks like I’m just carrying a little bag (which is so unlike me), this bag is actually quite huge. The power of illusions…EYELOVET!!!


I stopped by this stall that offered a deal of “3 items for PHP 200”. So I rummaged through the little basket with all these eyeliners, lipsticks, lipglosses and such, and decided on these final 3.


This is the e.l.f. brightening eye color liner and it comes with its own e.l.f. sharpener. Below is a swatch of the color where I drew a little heart. Okay… I think I just wasted product just doing that. LOL.stuff-019Anyways, I guess it’ll work well on the corners of my eyes since it’s almost like white. But let’s see. Oh! that chunky watch that you see there is my hub’s early Christmas present.  It’s a Nike watch with tons of features, that I don’t even know how to work ’em all. Analog doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. I just totally drained out my two watches this year. Replacement batteries won’t even cut it. I think its caused by my bad habit of washing dishes while wearing my watch. So I guess water-proof is the way to go for me now. Thanks daddy-o!


Second make-up purchase is the eyeshadow quad in “Silver Lining”. Here’s the swatch. stuff-020Obviously the two light ones can’t be seen on cam, but I assure you it’s there. Have to take this baby for a test drive. I’ll let you know if it’s a good buy at all.

spa-christmas-party-080I got me a contour brush from the Courtney Brooke line.I have no idea what that collection is by the way. The bristles are quite firm. I like the easy grip handle. I think this has got to be the longest make-up brush that I now own. I need to learn how to contour though, especially with my double chin making an appearance and my round face getting rounder by the day. Okay note to self: Come 2009, you have to stay away from those darn cupcakes!

spa-christmas-party-081Okay this is just a little nifty thing that I picked up at the bazaar. It’s a spoon and fork holder. Exactly what I needed to store my utensils in my office drawer. PHP 50 for this cutie. Comes in blue and pink too!

I highly recommend you check out this bazaar. I think it lasts till the 23rd, if I’m not mistaken. Entrance fee is PHP 50. Good news is they accept credit cards. There’s also a food bazaar at the foyer where the boyfriends or hubbies can wait while you oggle at the loots. Enjoy shopping!

Dress shopping

Okay today in between errands, I still managed to squeeze in some shopping. As usual, I headed to Market Market to find me a dress that I could wear next week for my trip to Cebu, as I’m doing a little event there.

I haven’t been wearing dresses recently as I’m kind of growing horizontally (not good), so I had to find a dress that would hug in the right places, can go from casual to formal with just a change of shoes and accessories, would not crease easily when packed (I so hate ironing, as in!), and most importantly, not burn my pocket.

So I found this simple number over at a store called ENVY at the 2nd level Market Market. It was actually on a mannequin in a bright canary yellow color that almost hurt the eyes. I didn’t like what I saw on the store window but just imagined the same cut but in different colors. I went inside and thankfully, that same dress did come in other colors. Plus the material doesn’t crease at all since its light knit or something like that.

Funny thing though, although I remember the sales girl saying it was PHP 600 plus, now that I’m looking at the OR it says P512. Hmmmm…have I been duped? Also as far as I can remember, the store name is ENVY. But if that is so, why does the OR say ENY Boutique, same as the orange red plastic bag with ENY printed on it too. Strange. Actually another strange thing is seeing these two bond papers stuck to the wall over at the cashier side. One of the papers had something like “Seller of the month” with the name of the employee below it. But the other paper says “Kulelat of the month” , yes and with the name of the poor employee dubbed as the least performing employee of that company/store for all the world to see. It’s quite sad. I feel bad for the so-called “Kulelat”. Talk about public humiliation. Geez.

Anyways, while I was in the dressing room, course I had to take a few snapshots with my camera phone so I can compare the colors.


Eww! pardon the tummy

dsc00085dsc00086So ladies, have you guessed which one I got?