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Coastal Scents 78 Piece Palette plus other loot

I was browsing through dollface to check on possible purchases, when I saw an announcement that Coastal Scents make-up palettes are being offered in Peppered Cherry, which is just about a block away from where I work. I literally dropped everything and dashed out of the office building. Needless to say, I came back a happy camper. ūüôā

This is the new addition to my collection. I’m probably one of the last to own a CS palette, (I’m a late adapter I know!). T’was simply love at first sight. Reminds me of my childhood
watercolor kit.Loves it!!! Am excited to see what I can do with this palette. Got it for PHP 1,000 ($ 21.46) which is actually more expensive than purchasing online. But I don’t mind paying extra really, as it saves me from the long wait (which is always a killer!)… plus at least I wouldn’t have to deal with getting all worked up over a slightly cracked eyeshadow as it happens a lot during shipping.

So anyway, I’ve also picked up a few things over the past week or so. Just want to share ’em with ya’ll. I hit Market! Market! and one of the shoe stores in the Fashion Market section offered a “Buy 1 Take 1” deal on shoes. Although I’ve had my share of hits and misses with bazaar shoe purchases, I’ve decided to splurge on this one since the price isn’t that painful in the pocket at PHP 580 ($ 12.47) for two shoes.

These gold ballerina shoes killed my feet till day 2 but after that, it’s just like walking on clouds.

This quirky zebra print is pretty unexpected which is probably why it caught my attention. It adds a little personality to the usual plain top and skinny jeans. I was pleasantly surprised that this pair was so comfortable on the get go.

I went to Podium and dropped by the Buffalo Jeans store, which was on clearance sale. I think the sale extends till mid Feb… if I’m not mistaken.
So here I am doing the Karen Cheng inside the store’s dressing room. I am lemming that wall paper! Anyway, I wanted to see what the back looks like so pardon the weird pose. This hoodie top dropped from PHP 1,398 ($ 30.06) to PHP 399 ($ 8.57). If that’s not a good deal then I don’t know what is! The jeans are all on sale so, PI-based beauties, you might wanna check that out.

Okay here’s the last item in my recent loot. This is where the dorky side of me comes out. LOL. See, since I do events, I always have my trustee clipboard with me. I’ve had the same clipboard for four years and it’s been with me through thick and thin…through hell and back so to speak. Unfortunately, I left it when I did an event in Cebu recently. Sniff!

So I went to Living Well and they were also on clearance sale. Their china was on 50% as well as all the nice looking kitchen stuff. Anyway, I found this normal looking clipboard that you see here….Oh yeah…behind that is my office desk, phone and cellphone. People wonder why I keep my flip phone open like that when it’s on my desk. It’s because I always keep it on silent mode. Not that it’s a strict office policy or something. I just feel it just adds unnecessary stress. So that’s why I leave it open so I can see it light up when I receive SMS or calls.

Sorry sidetracked! I’m a do some shutting up now. Hehehe. Anyway, going back to the clipboard…

Yup, nothing extraordinary….But when I saw that it could do this…. all I could say was…Bag ’em up!

It comes with a secret drawer that fits all my post-its and colored pens perfectly. Yup at my age, I still play with colored pens. I’m just a big kid that’s all. LOL.
It also has a feature on both ends that can keep your pens and such. Nifty eh?! From PHP 240 ($ 5) it went down t0 PHP 120 ($ 2.59). My only gripe with this thing is that it was obviously old stock being a bit dusty and all, but it’s nothing that some good ol’ washing couldn’t handle.

So that was my recent haulage. Hope ya’ll enjoyed that as much as I did.

Ciao Ladies ūüôā

Sophie Martin Paris Mini-Cosmetic Loot

Happy Lunar New Year ya’ll! ūüôā Hope you’re all enjoying the fireworks!

Last night, my sis-in-law hooked me up with some goodies from Sophie Martin Paris. It’s a PI-based direct selling company similar to Avon, M & Co.,Red Logo, etc. etc. Among all the catalogue-based product offers that I’ve seen in the market, well at least in my opinion… Sophie Paris seems to offer the most classy and wearable designs in bags, watches, shades and cosmetics. I believe they’re launching their garments line starting Feb. Lookin’ forward to that. So anyway, here’s the catalogue for Jan. 2009 plus the stuff I got.

When I got the eyeshadow I literally had to rub my eyes cause for a while there, I thought it was Paul & Joe! Hahaha! Very similar packaging…hmmmm ūüôā This is the Koshize eyeshadow in Vintage Wine. Catalogue price is PHP 175 ( $ 3.70). The major ingredients of this duo are Squalane and Dimethicone.

Sadly, the swatches didn’t register well on cam ūüė¶ But even if it’s not highly pigmented, I like the satin finish. I would think this would make for a good base or highlight.

Cute pearly pink packaging

I don’t know if you can even see the colors as the resolution is pretty muddy. Pardon the stray eyebrow hair too. Forgot to groom the brows before taking a quick pic.

Took a snapshot of the page with the product info. I am so lemming the green and yellow eyeshadow look now guys! I’ll try to do a similar look if I can. Operative word being “try”. LOL.

Now this little cutie is what I am most excited about! It’s the Koshize Eye Pen Liner in Windsor black. I was so amazed at how quick and easy it was to use! Seriously! Took me just about 10 seconds to line my eyes. Up to you if you want the line to be really thick or really thin. I chose thin.

Sharp tip just like a regular pen! PHP 215 ($ 4.54)

Product info time! Haha! Am lazy so I’ll just show you the page! Read on sistahs…
Here’s the 3 in 1 Concealer palette

This concealer palette comes from the Couleur line of Sophie cosmetics. To illustrate the different uses of these three shades , I took a snapshot of the catalogue page.

Sorry, I know it’s blurred. Obviously, the cam is not my friend today. I haven’t tried this yet but I would think it should be fun to play with. PHP 215 ($ 4.54)

So there… don’t you just love affordable cosmetics? All these products are made in Indonesia.
The Sophie Paris team is working double time in getting memberships and conducting training and make-up workshops to help promote the brand. I know all this info because my sis-in-law works there. Which explains the goods! LOL.

That’s about it for today. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Barenaturals Loot

I finally got my package from Barenaturals! I didn’t blog about these as soon as I got ’em because I wanted to make sure to give myself two days to try ’em out first so I can write a better review. Here’s the scoop on the tiny goodies that I got:

S5 Primer

The product is transparent and has a very similar consistency to feminine wash (No surprise there). Just a few drops on my fingertips provided enough product for my whole face. WIth that, I’m guessing this tiny little bottle might actually last me a while. During the day, I definitely noticed that my make-up stayed longer than usual. My blush usually fades by mid-day but when I started using this primer, the color just stayed on. Loves it!!! So will I repurchase? There’s a big chance that I’ll purchase the big bottle as soon as I finish this up…well, unless I get distracted again by other brands that I might want to try. LOL.

I was disappointed at first when instead of MORENA FILIPINA, I got sent HOT LATINA instead. I was also quite surprised that the caps for both MMU containers were not closed tightly at all. But since there was a sticker that prevented spillage, I guess that’s forgiveable. I sent an SMS to the seller about the incorrect order. The seller said that I should expect the correct shade together with my future purchase. I already initally expressed interest in the Nyx lippies, as well as the BB cream. Plus, the seller said that I can go ahead and keep HOT LATINA, so it’s all good. Here’s a shot of both MMUs. HOT LATINA Setting Powder

Swatched on my hand. I’m sure you can tell it’s there.

Although it didn’t exactly disappear on my hand, applying it over my face after my liquid foundation really complemented my skin tone well. After realizing how great it looked on my face, I wasn’t at all sad for not getting my original shade. I’ll show you photos of moi in my next blog.

Ultimate Concealer

I’ve never used a powder concealer before so I definitely had my reservations. I’m used to concealers that come in pots, palettes, sticks, pencils, etc. etc. I used my ring finger to apply the concealer powder gently on some flaws and tiny discolorations on my face and the results were quite impressive. This baby erased my imperfections and even if its powder, it stayed on for a long time in spots that needed coverage. So yes!…this is my new favorite. You can tell it’s a new favorite because it replaced the resident concealer of my everyday cosmetic kit. I just won’t say what brand that is. LOL.
Free samples

I got sent free samples! Woot! Woot! From left to right— Prettiest Pink Peach powder blush (Apparently is a dupe of Nars Orgasm), Viva Sofia powder blush and Olive Medium Light MMU.

Swatched ’em all according to order. Take note, I didn’t blend these babies just so you can see how it registers on cam. My new favorite is the one at the center. I think I am now officially a pink blush convert. I used to wear peach only. Show you pics soon.

Overall, I feel these products are worth purchasing in big containers. For references on the prices and some detailed product info, you can check my previous post “Barenaturals Order”.

Happy Friday Ladies! Till next blog! ūüôā

Vlog #1 Playing with Prestige products in Blogger

I’ve just recently tried my hands in vlogging. Twas a fun experience I would say, plus it made me realize two things:

1) I am a bigger dork than I thought I ever was

2) My insatiable thirst for all-things-make-up is increasing drastically

Since I’ve decided to maintain both wordpress and blogspot websites for lootwagon, I tried posting it here too but unfortunately, the resolution came out all mushy. So… hope ya’ll be so nice as to visit my extension blog http://lootwagonista.blogspot.com to view it.

Do comment/subscribe. Thank you much!

FOTD: Elianto Eyeshadow Duo

Got an Elianto baked eyeshadow duo last December. I know…I know….this entry is loooong overdue. Well, you’ll see later why I’m not too excited to blog about this, that I even had to wait this long.

If you remember, I already have this duo in brown as mentioned in a previous blog . Although the packaging is cute and I love the color combination, the color payoff is not that superb. If there’s anything Elianto can still work on, as far as eyeshadows are concerned, its the pigmentation. Here are some close-ups:


Comes in a box like this




Cute huh? It’s like a little frosted bubble. I swear when these guys we’re developing the product, they probably had Mac Sea & Sky in mind. Dupe? for the packaging, possibly. But product-wise, not so. I tried swatching Sea & Sky while I was at the MAC store and that thing definitely packs a punch of color! It’s amaaaazing!


Mac Sea & Sky. Gorgeous huh? (Photo courtesy of www.beautynomics.com)


Going back, here are the swatches. Like I said, I’m not too happy with the color payoff. It just looks like a bunch of glitters.

But even if this product is not getting some love from me, being that its pigment-ally challenged and all (if there is such a term. LOL), this duo still makes for a nice back-up shadow and actually makes for a good highlighter on top of your eyeshadow to add that little frosted finish.

That’s it. Catch ya’ll later Beauties. ūüôā

FOTD: Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencils

Thanks again to Arwen for letting me try my first ever Urban Decay products! Funny, we literally just swapped presents before she had to run-off to the airport for her flight back to Sing. LOL.

She also gave me chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and large paperclips! See…I have a thing for cute paperclips. Arwen would know that. hehe.

Unfortunately, I can’t show the chocolates anymore as these are already swimming in the abyss…that is my tummy.¬† As for the lovely bookmark paperclips, left ’em in the office. I’ll show you that next time. On to the product review…

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils


She got me the Yeyo shade (white) and 1999 shade (purple). Both are frosted and glide on very easily. It packs in a lot of color with just one stroke.


Here are the swatches. Take note, these things do not rub-off easily, infact they’re not called 24/7 for nothing!

Website say:

“The best Eye Pencil ever, ever, ever! Never before has a pencil this creamy and brilliant been waterproof, too. Velvety-soft, this never-before-seen formula stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries down to a long-lasting finish that WILL NOT budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect with the wide selection of lush tropical hues, deep metallics and unusually vibrant neutrals. Incredible with Urban Decay Eyeshadows!”


Here is the purple liner on my upper lashline. Used the white one on the corner of my eyes but it’s not that visible here. By the way, I used my old Lancome palette for the eyes.¬† Sorry, don’t know the exact shades as the label sticker on the back got ripped. Bummer. Used Lashblast on my lashes.

That’s about it for today. Stay beautiful ladies ūüôā

FOTD: The Body Shop Concealer Pencil and blush-on tips

On Dec. 30, sis-in-law and I headed to Megamall to do some New Year’s grocery shopping for a Carbonara recipe that we prepared for Media Noche.¬† We dropped by The Body Shop to check out what’s new and I ended up buying a Concealer Pencil. It’s not the first time that I’ve used the product, as I had one back in College. I find that it easily erases flaws like acne marks and such, and that it’s easy to apply as compared to some concealers in the market that come in wands.

I put on a few swatches and I found that the 05 Crayon Corrector does the job for me. To show you how well it works, I’m doing the unthinkable and showing you photos of my bare face without make-up.

See, I had a pretty bad breakout recently, and I have a sneaking suspicion where I got it. Sadly, my MAC NC40 Pressed Powder doesn’t mesh well with my ultra-sensitive skin so I had to discontinue using it. Lesson learned, just because its expensive doesn’t mean it works, well at least for me.

Anyway, here goes:body-shop-0191

Here’s my cheek with a few bad acne scars. That’s the bad part about using zit creams, especially Panoxyl. It does dry up acne fast, but do expect to see some dark spots after.


I just lightly glided the concealer pencil on my flaws and you can already see how it improved as the scars aren’t as visible anymore.


I put Elianto Sheer Loose powder (Waterproof) in 03 Natural Beige

to let it set in and see how it vanished? Oh! the powder has a lot of

shimmer in it, which explains the little glitter spots. Don’t mistake it for An-an. LOL.


Here’s the little miracle worker. Don’t mind my nicked mani. I swear nail polish really never stays long on my nails. Any tips how to make it last more than three days at least?


Damage for the product is PHP 695. If you plan to purchase it at Body Shop, make sure to try on swatches first because my skintone may not exactly match yours. Its best to swipe a tester on a particular flaw to see if it disappears in your skin and covers it well.

Oh! Before we left the store, I convinced sis-in-law to get a blush-on. Especially since it was on 50% off. body-shop-016I know! I’m not exactly one to say “Ay sister, recession ngayon. Magtipid tayo!” Tsk…Tsk….Bad Ate!

Although I’m not a big fan of pink shades, with this particular blush-on, as long as you apply it on lightly over your cheekbones, this actually gives-off a natural blushed look. Just be sure not to overdo it so you don’t end up looking like a clown. Sis got the Dessert Rose. Original price is PHP 1,195. The sale price is PHP 597.50. Not bad eh?

Speaking of blush-ons, I picked up a pretty good tip from lady online . I’m posting the guide that she shared in her blogsite. Hope you don’t mind Mama. This is really helpful stuff ūüôā


FOTD: 4U2 Four Color Eyeshadow Art

I dropped by Watson’s in Market! Market! with the original plan of just buying toiletries for my Baguio trip. However, I got sidetracked when I happened to pass by the cosmetics section (who can resist?). Saw the usual brands Revlon, Loreal, Max Factor and local brands Nichido, EB and the like.

While browsing, what captured my interest is a shelf featuring an unfamiliar brand called 4U2. Apparently, these products are made in Thailand but distributed in the US under license by Bel Air USA Cosmetics. They launched the product in local shores through Watson’s.

I love the cute packaging and how easily blendable the eyeshadows are. They offer eyeshadows in delish colors! I tried on some swatches, and was absolutely thrilled as its highly-pigmented.

I got an “Impress” Four Color Eyeshadow Art palette. It combines all four colors in one pot so you just have to be a little careful where to position your brush so you don’t get it all mixed up right away.¬† Here are the product shots:

cosmetics-003It comes in a clear plastic box


Cute huh? Love the polka dots. It so…New year’s-ish. LOL.cosmetics-005

Comes with a mirror for easy touch-ups


Up close

cosmetics-007All it took was one soft application to get these swatches. See how pigmented these are!

I love this eyeshadow quad and I highly recommend it! Damage for this product is PHP 424. It’s available in a green, blue and light brown palettes as well. You get a base color (old rose), a lid color (soft brown), a contour color (dark maroon-ish hue) and a highlighter (light baby pink) all in one easy to use pot. I suggest you use this palette with a nice blending brush to add dimension to your eye.

4U2¬† also offers dual eyeshadows (around PHP 200plus), blush ons (the peachy-hues are worth-trying especially for morenas), lippies and foundations. Visit the bigger Watson’s stores to get a load of these babies.

Oh and before I forget… Happy New Year! ūüôā

FOTD: Covergirl Lash Blast

The same day that¬†I hit the¬†Converse sale (and didn’t end up¬†buying anything), course¬†I had to reward myself a little for¬†braving the horrendous traffic ūüôā Leaving the sale empty-handed, I went straight to the¬†cosmetics section of Megamall (no surprise here). And after browsing through¬†the make-up counters,¬†I went over to the¬†Covergirl section where a make-up demo was being done.

While I was there,¬† I saw the same product that I’ve been seeing online for quite sometime now, and¬†its been getting a lot of¬†reviews.¬†


The product is from Covergirl and its called Lash Blast which is claimed to be¬†the¬†breakthrough product of the brand. It’s actually not a new product as its been around since 2007, but until now many are still talking about it and comparing its volumizing effects to Maybelline’s Define A Lash and Revlon’s 3D Extreme.¬†

To be candid,¬†Covergirl isn’t exactly my top choice for cosmetics per se.¬†Last time I remember ever wearing Covergirl was back¬†in gradeschool. (Oo bata palang ako maarte nako! LOL). But I decided to give it a whirl anyway especially since my old mascara is about to dry out on me very soon.

What I like about this product is its¬†rubber bristles. It actually makes clumping almost¬†impossible, at least for me. That’s¬†a relief on my part¬†coz I’m so used to mascaras that clump that¬†I always have a tissue ready to wipe off the excess.¬†I never used to apply mascara¬†on my lower¬†lash mainly¬†because at the end of the¬†day, some of the product ends up on¬†my lower lid so I look more tired than I actually am. But with this mascara, I can apply easily on the lower lashes without even worrying that¬†it will mess up my look by end of day. ¬†

About the¬†packaging, it kinda looks¬†“teenager-ish” with its huge orange¬† tube that is definitely¬†thicker in size than¬†most mascaras.¬†I can live¬†with it though. Just wish it came in sleeker and sassier colors. ¬†

So anyway,¬† just to show you how¬†different Lash Blast’s¬†wand is as compared to the regular mascaras:


Photo above: makeupmoxie.compolu-kai-020



Obviously the lash blast is thicker. The wand of the¬†AVON mascara is thin and is made of the usual material.¬†I actually don’t remember what type¬†of mascara this is, as the print on the packaging got erased.¬†

I actually wanted to post how it looks like when its applied, but I can’t seem to make the camera work right. Anyways, based on what I’ve¬†experienced for the¬†first application, Lash Blast¬†does glide on smoothly and evenly distributes the mascara (thanks to the hairy rubberized wand) and you don’t need to double dip anymore as you already¬†have enough product to cover both sets of lashes. Don’t expect your lashes to be longer though coz it doesn’t exactly deliver too much of a dramatic effect. It just makes for a nice everyday mascara.

Oh! it comes in washable and water-proof variants, and comes in various shades. I heard the water-proof is really hard to take out. To differentiate the variants, I wish they could have at least changed the color of the packaging.

Damage is¬†PHP 575. Although¬†I had a little trouble at the counter because the product was tagged PHP 545 but in the POS system, it reflects¬†PHP 575. Hmmm…. Calling DTI!

But it’s okay. I let it slip. It’s the holidays anyways.¬†Besides, the Covergirl sales lady was nice enough to indulge me with her small talk about¬†home and such… plus she did a great job¬†retouching my make-up¬†that afternoon, so¬†all is forgiven¬†ūüôā

What’s in my kikay kit


The ultimate girly girl’s must-have is the kikay kit.¬† “Maiwan na lahat, wag lang ang kikay kit!” as I would put it.¬† So bellas, here’s a peek inside my cosmetic case. Since what you see here is just a smorgasbord of different things, let me go through each piece while giving you my take on these items, as well as the corresponding prices (memory please don’t fail me!). Okay, warning….in case you’re looking for the dirt-cheap corner, I’m afraid only one item here fits the bill. The rest are a bit on the price-y side.

The Kikay Kit

christmas-party-043With another year fast approaching, I decided to give my old Lancome Cheetah cosmetic purse (gift from my sister) the old retirement plan and went on a cosmetic-bag hunt. I found this little cutie in SM department store. I like that it’s super colorful and is spacious enough to fit all my kikay finds. The best part about this kit is, from the original price of¬† PHP 229, I only got it for PHP 125.

My Luxury

my MAC studio fix C40lootwagon-1-009I got this over the weekend at the MAC store in Glorietta. It’s the MAC Studio Fix pressed powder in NC40. I so friggin love it! It blends like silk on the skin and it does super wonders in covering my acne marks and flaws.¬† After drooling over tons of haul videos about this baby, I decided to finally get myself one to see if it’s really worth all the raves its been getting. The damage is quite painful in the pocket though at PHP 1,500, but its definitely one of those products that will make you feel like a rockstar.

My Holy Grail

loreal-003This is the Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation in Golden Beige. I have been using this product for the past four years and I’ve never been disappointed with it. When I finish a bottle, I can easily get another one at the local Watsons store. This foundation blends well into my skin and feels like nothing after. No retouches necessary. I simply just use my fingertips to apply it (believe me kahit nasa loob ng tumatakbong tricycle pwede!) and in a matter of seconds, it’s done and you can just totally forget about it. Damage for this product is PHP 900 plus, but I noticed that around the holidays, this product drops to as low as P699.¬† it’s well worth it because a bottle lasts you about 3-4 months. I wear this first, followed by my MAC Studio Fix. But that’s just me. You can just wear this on its own, and your basically good to go.

My Lippies

Got this Full Lip Palette at The Face Shop for PHP400+ at their store in Bonifacio High Street. Again, I’m a sucker for packaging so the cute paisely design on the cover just called out to me (haha, yeah right).


Take a look at the brush. First thing that came to my head was, I’ve never seen a thicker lip brush in my life! Seriously it’s so thick. But it makes application quicker, so who am i to complain. Love these colors for everyday use. Looking at the colors, I guess you’ve noticed that I’m not a big fan of¬† full red lips. I guess I just leave that for special occasions. Anyway, here’s the lowdown (colors starting from upper left going clockwise)— Matte deep rose (which I love and use very often), Glossy Shiny pink, Glossy Soft Peach (for that neutral glossy finish) and Matte Violet Rose (which I hardly use).


The rest of the stuff in my kikay kit, well, you’ve already seen in my past Elianto and Face shop blogs. That plastic case that you see in the middle is another world of its own. That nifty thing carries my make-up brushes, lipstick, mascara, liners, etc. I’ll post details in another blog ūüôā