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FOTD: The Body Shop Concealer Pencil and blush-on tips

On Dec. 30, sis-in-law and I headed to Megamall to do some New Year’s grocery shopping for a Carbonara recipe that we prepared for Media Noche.  We dropped by The Body Shop to check out what’s new and I ended up buying a Concealer Pencil. It’s not the first time that I’ve used the product, as I had one back in College. I find that it easily erases flaws like acne marks and such, and that it’s easy to apply as compared to some concealers in the market that come in wands.

I put on a few swatches and I found that the 05 Crayon Corrector does the job for me. To show you how well it works, I’m doing the unthinkable and showing you photos of my bare face without make-up.

See, I had a pretty bad breakout recently, and I have a sneaking suspicion where I got it. Sadly, my MAC NC40 Pressed Powder doesn’t mesh well with my ultra-sensitive skin so I had to discontinue using it. Lesson learned, just because its expensive doesn’t mean it works, well at least for me.

Anyway, here goes:body-shop-0191

Here’s my cheek with a few bad acne scars. That’s the bad part about using zit creams, especially Panoxyl. It does dry up acne fast, but do expect to see some dark spots after.


I just lightly glided the concealer pencil on my flaws and you can already see how it improved as the scars aren’t as visible anymore.


I put Elianto Sheer Loose powder (Waterproof) in 03 Natural Beige

to let it set in and see how it vanished? Oh! the powder has a lot of

shimmer in it, which explains the little glitter spots. Don’t mistake it for An-an. LOL.


Here’s the little miracle worker. Don’t mind my nicked mani. I swear nail polish really never stays long on my nails. Any tips how to make it last more than three days at least?


Damage for the product is PHP 695. If you plan to purchase it at Body Shop, make sure to try on swatches first because my skintone may not exactly match yours. Its best to swipe a tester on a particular flaw to see if it disappears in your skin and covers it well.

Oh! Before we left the store, I convinced sis-in-law to get a blush-on. Especially since it was on 50% off. body-shop-016I know! I’m not exactly one to say “Ay sister, recession ngayon. Magtipid tayo!” Tsk…Tsk….Bad Ate!

Although I’m not a big fan of pink shades, with this particular blush-on, as long as you apply it on lightly over your cheekbones, this actually gives-off a natural blushed look. Just be sure not to overdo it so you don’t end up looking like a clown. Sis got the Dessert Rose. Original price is PHP 1,195. The sale price is PHP 597.50. Not bad eh?

Speaking of blush-ons, I picked up a pretty good tip from lady online . I’m posting the guide that she shared in her blogsite. Hope you don’t mind Mama. This is really helpful stuff 🙂