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The Face Shop loot from big warehouse sale


Here’s the loot that I got from the sale that I went to last week, over at the 3rd floor of Dimensione in Bonifacio High Street. The Sale of up to 70% discount covers a lot of brands like Aldo, Charles and Keith, Celio, Pedro, Adidas and of course, The Face Shop (which I pretty much stocked on). Oh, for those who want to check it out, the sale has been extended to December 15th I believe, so you still have time.


Okay this is The Face Shop Alpine Herb Hydra Cream for Oily & Combination skin. Love the packaging with its tin engraved cover and green translucent glass container. These come in a big  discount from PHP 900 plus (estimated value only; lost the receipt sorry!) to PHP 139.  Actually, I was both thrilled with the discount but kinda scared at the same time. I asked the sales lady if the product is already nearing expiration that’s why its priced so low. She told me that for regular-priced products, it takes about 5 years for the product to expire from date of opening. However for these products on sale, they expire after a year from opening. There were a lot of creams, moisturizers and toners but I decided to just buy one to to give it a whirl. The first two days, I really noticed a difference, as my face seemed more elastic and supple. However, after a week, I broke out. I don’t know if its because of this cream or the product I’m using as highlighter. Details of that highlighter below.


The Face Shop Glamour Mascara is thick and has a nice transucent packaging with a silver cap. The bristles glide on nicely and the product doesn’t smell unpleasant at all, just a little Elmers glue-ish. I was pretty excited about this product especially because I really needed a product to tame my eyebrows. Original price was at PHP 300plus, down to PHP 200 plus. Sorry again couldn’t give you the exact price. Grrr. Can’t believe I lost the friggin receipt.


The Face Shop Black Label Eye Shadow in Coral Cream 15 has got to be my most used product from this loot. I use it on top of my everyday eyeshadow (details in a separate post) and have been trying it as highlighter on top of my blush-on and a little on my nose. Although… then again, this could probably be the main reason why I’m breaking out now. Sheesh. Note to self, get  a real highlighter.


Swatch of Coral Cream 15. It has a nice pearly off-white color.


Got this lip liner in Pink Brown 02. Actually when I took off the plastic seal, I was quite surprised to see white moldy dust over the tip so I sharpened it off, and have been quite hesitant to use it since then. I did try it once but not too thrilled about the color and how it glides on. No need to cry over it though, just got it for a PHP 100 plus.


Okay here’s the last product from this stash. It’s a Greener Hair Fruits Conditioner in Lemon. Got it for PHP 80plus pesos i think (sorry very bad memory… but definitely under a PHP100). It says in the packaging that it has Silicon Gum, Sodium PCA and nourishing Kertain proteins to protect hair from daily damage. The smell has a subtle lemon hint to it and unlike most conditioners that you need a lot to ensure your hair’s silkiness, I just use very little and it’s good enough. Plus I like the nifty spout.

So there…for shoe-fanaticos, you will definitely get a kick out of the Aldo & Charles and Keith collection with big discoutns. My colleagues even managed to get Charles and Keith shoes for a PHP 150 a pair. Swell huh?