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More Headbands

Yup, like I said, I’m a grab me some more of them headbands. So Voila. Got these new babies  today on a 3 for PHP 100 deal. Same source still,  Market Market but this time at the ground level in one of those stalls before you reach the central plaza (not sure if that’s what its called).


I like that the shape is slightly deformed and that it’s chunky and satin-y. The color especially the torquoise packs a punch of color don’t you think?


lootwagon-1-038Okay today let’s talk about headbands.  I’ve been on a bargain hunt for thick metallic bands to keep my wavy short hair in place. Headed to Market Market and found a few pieces for PHP 50 each. Being the frugal shopper that I am though, I wasn’t really satisfied with that, so I pretty much scoured the little tiangge bazaars over at the 2nd level, and found these two babies on a buy-one-take-one deal. So two bands for PHP 50. Not too shaby.

dsc00056Okay pardon the goofy look on my face. This is just me being a dork. hehe. Or otherwise doing a bad impression of the usual model-esque pout. Hahaha.

Anywayz, point is, just wanted to show you the look and how the silver band pretty much tied up my rather dull gray and black striped top. Hmmm… I think am gonna get me some more of dem in juicier colors!