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Blog Header Frenzy

Just wanted to rave about my new blog site’s header (sorry shameless plug, i know. hehe). Hubby surprised me with this when I woke up this morning. Do I hear an Awwwwww? Lucky me coz he’s very supportive of my blogging addiction 🙂 Thanks Daddy.

Anyways, that little black faced puppy is my little Pablo, showing off his new outfit that he got from Tiendesitas yesterday. He was fresh from the dog spa when this pic was taken…this doggy is spoiled rotten believe me.

By the way, hubby just composed the shots, as me and Pablo weren’t really in the same room for the pic. Gotta love the little squirt. Too adorable. (Referring to Pablo here. hehe). Oh if you want to see a bigger image, click the header or scroll at the bottom of this blog.

Hope you can all drop by to check out my shopping finds @ Please comment and/or subscribe. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Ciao Bellas.