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FOTD: Covergirl Lash Blast

The same day that I hit the Converse sale (and didn’t end up buying anything), course I had to reward myself a little for braving the horrendous traffic 🙂 Leaving the sale empty-handed, I went straight to the cosmetics section of Megamall (no surprise here). And after browsing through the make-up counters, I went over to the Covergirl section where a make-up demo was being done.

While I was there,  I saw the same product that I’ve been seeing online for quite sometime now, and its been getting a lot of reviews. 


The product is from Covergirl and its called Lash Blast which is claimed to be the breakthrough product of the brand. It’s actually not a new product as its been around since 2007, but until now many are still talking about it and comparing its volumizing effects to Maybelline’s Define A Lash and Revlon’s 3D Extreme. 

To be candid, Covergirl isn’t exactly my top choice for cosmetics per se. Last time I remember ever wearing Covergirl was back in gradeschool. (Oo bata palang ako maarte nako! LOL). But I decided to give it a whirl anyway especially since my old mascara is about to dry out on me very soon.

What I like about this product is its rubber bristles. It actually makes clumping almost impossible, at least for me. That’s a relief on my part coz I’m so used to mascaras that clump that I always have a tissue ready to wipe off the excess. I never used to apply mascara on my lower lash mainly because at the end of the day, some of the product ends up on my lower lid so I look more tired than I actually am. But with this mascara, I can apply easily on the lower lashes without even worrying that it will mess up my look by end of day.  

About the packaging, it kinda looks “teenager-ish” with its huge orange  tube that is definitely thicker in size than most mascaras. I can live with it though. Just wish it came in sleeker and sassier colors.  

So anyway,  just to show you how different Lash Blast’s wand is as compared to the regular mascaras:


Photo above: makeupmoxie.compolu-kai-020



Obviously the lash blast is thicker. The wand of the AVON mascara is thin and is made of the usual material. I actually don’t remember what type of mascara this is, as the print on the packaging got erased. 

I actually wanted to post how it looks like when its applied, but I can’t seem to make the camera work right. Anyways, based on what I’ve experienced for the first application, Lash Blast does glide on smoothly and evenly distributes the mascara (thanks to the hairy rubberized wand) and you don’t need to double dip anymore as you already have enough product to cover both sets of lashes. Don’t expect your lashes to be longer though coz it doesn’t exactly deliver too much of a dramatic effect. It just makes for a nice everyday mascara.

Oh! it comes in washable and water-proof variants, and comes in various shades. I heard the water-proof is really hard to take out. To differentiate the variants, I wish they could have at least changed the color of the packaging.

Damage is PHP 575. Although I had a little trouble at the counter because the product was tagged PHP 545 but in the POS system, it reflects PHP 575. Hmmm…. Calling DTI!

But it’s okay. I let it slip. It’s the holidays anyways. Besides, the Covergirl sales lady was nice enough to indulge me with her small talk about home and such… plus she did a great job retouching my make-up that afternoon, so all is forgiven 🙂