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Post report of Converse Sale

I went to the last day of the Converse Sale over at Megatrade and I was a bit overwhelmed by the set up. Pedicab was jamming on a mini-stage by the entrance, while kids wearing black and goth make-up were pooling in certain areas (afraid!).

Anyway, once you enter, you’ll see shelves lined up with stacks and stacks of Chucks  (without boxes) arranged per price category and size.  As usual, took out my spy cam (LOL) to take snapshots of the place.




Here’s the thing though, despite the tons of choices, I didn’t end up buying. I’m sure you’re thinking “What?! Okay ka lang?!” but yeah, I left the place empty-handed. Why? Well, for one, being that it was the last day, although there were still tons of Chucks around, the designs were pretty limited. Two, I narrowed down to this black pair with zebra stripes but when the sales guy checked for the price, it was at PHP 1,900 from PHP 2,300 or 2,400. So on the bargain level, it was a bit on the EHHH! side. No regrets though. I’ll buy when I really feel its necessary (yeah right!).

Hubby went on the second day of the sale, so I guess the selection at that time was better. Anyway, he brought home these cool black high-cut chucks which he got for just PHP 1,200. I think the original price is PHP 2,600 or PHP 2,700 . Now that’s a bargain! 


Converse Sale of the Century!


Sale starts today people  🙂