Skin Food Loot

I was super ecstatic when I got to take home this yummy gift set yesterday! Thanks of course to the one who gave it to me. You know who you are girl! This definitely made my day! 🙂


Apple Vinegar Water Foam

This product is a facial foam cleanser (which is ironic because it doesn’t foam at all). It definitely smells a lot like imported shampoo. Kinda like Jergens. Even the bottle looks like a shampoo bottle! I better remind Hub not to use it on his scalp while in the shower.

urban-decay-023It doesn’ t lather like most facial cleansers that I’m used to. But what I especially like about this product is that it doesn’t take a lot of rinsing to strip my face off all that gook that I put on everyday. So that is definitely a plus for me. I have a feeling I’ll enjoy finishing this product down to the last drop. Not sure though if I’m replenishing since Skin Food products are quite pricey.

urban-decay-024That’s the product on my palm. Sorry I don’t know if you can even see it at all. It’s clear and very water-based, so don’t expect any cream or gel type of foam.

Oh! I did find something quite amusing while reading the back of the bottle.

SKINFOOD Apple Vinegar Water Foam

Water-type foam cleanser whose apple cider vinegar containing a large amount of potassium, minerals, and citric acid makes drab skin caused by horny substances smooth, and whose honey extract provides more moisture to your skin

Ano daw?! Did you just say horny substances? Gawd…I wouldn’t even want to process what that means! LOL. Okay moving on….

Skin Food Maltsugar Hard Wax

urban-decay-029Since my hair is short, I definitely need products to tame the waves. Funny how more high-maintenance short hair can be. I used to have long straight hair and I didn’t even have to comb to keep it in place. Well.. I did have it rebonded so that’s kind of cheating I guess. hehe.

Anyhoo..I’ve hopped from one wax product to another. I’ve even tried clay which is never a good idea ladies! It’s like putting gum on your hair. But this one definitely ranks high in my list of great “hair-taming” products. For one thing I absolutely love the delicious smell! And unlike most waxes that are heavy and and sticky, this one is actually pretty light. Although it’s a little hard to scrape off from the jar, it gets easier to work with once its on your fingertips.

Here’s my freebie that I got in the gift set:


Water-in Pear Essence

Actually I wasn’t exactly sure what this product was at first.  But reading the back of the sample with some talk about this product being good for soothing skin damage and dry skin, than I assume it’s a moisturizer. Have yet to try it.

So there. That’s my Skin Food loot! Sorry no prices available because like I said, I just got these babies for free. Do share with me please if you get to know how much these are to feed my curiosity.

Gorgeous gal Kimberly Tia is actually a huge fan of this Korean skincare brand. Holler Mama! Love your blogs! 🙂

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